Fall 2018 Race Plans

I usually like to scaffold my seasons with one or two races, then build in smaller ones around it. Since I’m clearly wishing my summer away (I mean, I’m in class all week long this summer, why wouldn’t I be?), I’ve just figured out what the bigger choices in my fall race agenda will be!

I was on the fence about going long or going home, but decided to hit the middle ground with the 10k being my goal distance in the Fall. I did this last year as well, since I had also come off a busy summer. It worked out well – I could focus on more speed work and “long runs” didn’t take much time (or really weren’t “Long” at all). So I’ll be doing that again!

For fun, I wanted to try at least two good races I’ve never done before. So, here we are.

First up, the Runner’s World Festival – I’ll be choosing the 10k option, on Saturday, October 20th!


I’ve wanted to get myself to this race for quite a few years now, as I always see the blogosphere blow up with fellow bloggers attending. Thus, I’m hoping this will be an all-paces friendly type race, and by choosing to do the 10k instead of the half, I won’t be too intimidated by how hilly Bethlehem is! Also, how psyched will I be to see the dog race?? I love all the dogs.

I only live about an hour away, so the plan is to drive up early Saturday morning with my mom and BFF, run, THEN we got a hotel for Saturday night so we will go out on the town, enjoying a little girls night out while all of you fellow runners are in town.  Some college friends own Bonn Place Brewing in town as well, and I’m ashamed I’ve not made it there yet to support their awesome business – so that will certainly be taken care of while I’m there! I’m really jazzed about this. I haven’t been on a vacation in a long time (two years maybe??), so this night will be a quick but fun little retreat – and I’ll get some  medal bling along the way! I’m not sure what my time goals will be – I’ll see when I get closer, but it will be fun either way.

Then, I’ll wind down the season with the Beauty and the Beach 5 mile race the first weekend in November.


I’ve also known about this race for a while but haven’t been able to get myself to it. It is a women-centric race not far from me in Long Branch, NJ that benefits a local charity. Bonuses seem to include that the shirts look like they’ve been cute in the past, and while they used to give out a charm bracelet, this year they’re switching to medals! Two races, two medals? Count me in.


Of course, aside from these two, there will be plenty of 5k action in the fall. Surely Seaside Semper Five will make my September list, the Big Chill in December, and there are a couple of other good, very local 5ks in the Fall that I will probably hop into. None the less, it is nice to know I’ve got my “big guns” set up – the goals, the medal races. I also appreciate that they are not heavy training cycle races – like last year, my really busy summer of classes will be leading to some burnout. The last thing I need at the end of August when my brain is completely fried and then my own work schedule is about to pick up, is to have to figure out how I’m going to run a 10 mile training run. So I’m not. Maybe next year (when I am no longer taking classes toward the doctorate, just doing research – I’ll be full-on ABD status!) I will return to a fall Half or 10 miler – but for this year, 10k will be “long race” of the season – and I’m very okay with that.


Are your Fall race plans set yet?