After being a running blog reader (okay, creeper) for a few years, I started this blog nearly two years ago: March 2015 (first post can be found here).  I felt that it was time that I stop creepin’ and start contributing.


While I’ve somewhat wandered here on the blog, and created a small set of followers as well, I’ve actually been most surprised to find another home as a result: Instagram.

38 weeks ago, I decided to branch off and form a fitness-specific Instagram. Insta is my chosen form of social media. I have a facebook but largely just use it for some Ambassador groups that I’m in — Heyyyy Skirt Sports Skirt Sisters (1NEWLOVE20 for 20% off)! Heyyyy Crazy Compression Crazy Clan (shoot me an email at meesh107107-at-yahoo.com for a 45% off code)! I had a personal Insta, enjoyed the format of more pics-less words. Heck, I’ve got enough words on this blog, right?! And while going through some tough times at home and feeling like I needed to communicate and give myself some motivation, I just didn’t feel like my personal insta was the place. My IRL friends weren’t my fitness friends, mostly – so tons of pictures of me working out seemed dumb to post. At the same time, I wasn’t comfortable making that Instagram public, because I wanted to share pics of my family and friends, too. But I wanted, and needed the fitness inspiration, as well.


So, TheSlowSheep on Instagram was born: 38 weeks ago, in Instagram time.



This silly little Instagram became a glittery rainbow in the cold, crappy snowstorm that was my personal life in 2016.


While I’ve sometimes not known what to say on the blog, I’ve come to really enjoy sharing my #fitlife on Instagram. Seems so silly, but I really like waking up and scrolling through everyone’s #fitspiration posts: pictures of your run that morning, or maybe your breakfast or some other awesome, maybe healthy, maybe fun, maybe all of the above – adventures. I like figuring out what might be a fun pic to take after or before my run that day. I like sharing my ups and downs in running in short format (and lord knows I’m having those right now!). I don’t mind being the weirdo who sees a spot and thinks, that would be a perfect backdrop to take a self-timer action shot with! I feel like I’ve found the perfect companion to my fitness life and journey: while sometimes I want to talk A LOT about something, I’ve got this blog – and in between, when I only have a visual to share and a few words, I’ve got the Insta for that.

Running world, you have my (cheesy, rainbow-glitter loving) heart.




Where do you get your #runspiration? Do you have a favorite social media platform?

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