Sickness, Vacations, and Training – Ugh!

I’m a relatively lucky person, in that I don’t get sick often. I wear down pretty easily (and sleep a lot!), but don’t get actually ill very often. Unless you count the Beastie Boys’ version of ill, now THAT I get all the time. BUT – of course – with a vacation looming next week, and an 8 miler on the schedule for the weekend, I am officially the sick kid. I normally try to tough out things, probably waiting longer than I should to go see the doctor, but when I woke up this morning with a throat coated in yellowy gross goo AND an international trip on Monday (hellooooo, spring break in Iceland!) – I went straight to the Urgent Care for a strep test and a Zpack.

Mission accomplished. Meds gotten, ginger ale picked up, and back to work I go.

Now about the training. I’m not necessarily strict about my training. I’m currently training for the Long Branch Half Marathon: . If you note in my intro, I’m not really looking to “win” the race – that won’t happen so much. I’m more of a slow and steady, mostly just feeling competitive with myself type person. Heck, sometimes I don’t even feel competitive with myself, I just want to finish and add that medal to my collection. Maybe I just like shiny jewelry…. (totally true). That being said, I’m completely Type A. I love schedules. I love planning – hence, planning my training schedules – and I HATE when things don’t go according to plan. I purposely got a short run in yesterday when I was feeling the throat creep up on me, but didn’t feel so bad that I had to stop. It was slow, but I got it in. It also didn’t hurt that Jersey was a sunny, glorious 60 yesterday.

Snow is still on the ground but a 60 degree day calls for breaking out the new awesome shorts!

Snow is still on the ground but a 60 degree day calls for breaking out the new awesome shorts!

Knowing I could get that in meant Thursday and Friday could be rest days, with my long run on Saturday. Now I’ve got to get myself well enough that Saturday’s run is not miserably slow: I really need to build up my speed outdoors. Its been a heck of a winter on the East Coast, but no excuses. I’ve spend a LOT of time on the treadmill, but am always slower outside. Why!?

Fingers crossed I can get in a good run on Saturday. I leave for Iceland on Monday and want to get in at least a long run Saturday and a short one Sunday, BOTH outdoors. THINK BIG!

Brixton, my dog-on-wheels, even got out for some exercise. More about her later...

Brixton, my dog-on-wheels, even got out for some exercise. More about her later…

* How do you deal with sickness and/or travel in your training schedules?

* Does training on a treadmill affect your road racing? Which do you find easier, treadmill or roads?


2 thoughts on “Sickness, Vacations, and Training – Ugh!

  1. I definitely push myself more on the treadmill – maybe because my speed is staring at me the whole time, or i’m forced to “pick” a pace – or is it that strange fear of being thrown off – LOL! Whatever it is, I just can’t keep myself up outside!


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