Getting back into the swing..

IS. SO. HARD! I have no problem adjusting back to work life (I’m lucky enough to have an awesome job) – but running life after vacation? I have to rebuild my sense of commitment and obligation so that I feel the guilt if I don’t run on a day I had planned to. Anyone else?



On that note, am I the only one who doesn’t get a “runner’s high”?  Truth be told, running for me isn’t about the “high” after – because I don’t get one. It is about commitment, community, and health. And also, because I love dessert. And beer. And wine. And just… all food. I have had the great joy of running with the people I love, making new friends because of running, rekindling old friendships as a result of it as well. The first year I started running, I was in my mid-20’s and a lot of my friends were willing to jump on the bandwagon of 5k’s. It was awesome thinking of new matching accessories for a race, or how many people would show up to the next race. Now, in my almost-mid 30’s this has dwindled – most now have formed families and have small children. I still have a great core of runners, and have been lucky to keep my BFF along the way as well as adding my MOM to the pack. Truth be told, the two of them are my best people. Other than that, a few like-minded friends have still found time to run with their kiddos in tow or at home with their spouses, but planning and picking races together just doesn’t always work out.  I tend to sign up for things that work for my schedule first, and think about company later, but always enjoy it when others can join in. I may not have kids, but I do manage to have a FT job, adjunct on the side, family obligations, a great pack of friends, a sweet boyfriend,  and a super cute dog so life is not dull nor is it easy to find “free” time still (and now I’ve added this blog!?!? STOP THE INSANITY! LOL). I definitely hate the assumption that because I am single and childfree I must have all of this free time! Not so. I am happy living a busy, calendar-packed life, and so I keep it that way. And so, while my runner’s high has never surfaced, I have found some awesome upsides to keeping up with running and “racing” over the years.

What keeps YOU in the running game?

How do you coordinate races with friends when everyone has busy schedules? Do you mind racing alone?


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