So first, and most importantly, THIS:

Gimme Samoa!

Gimme Samoa!

I, as you will soon find out, am a dessert whore. I love dessert. This includes, but is not limited to cookies. And I also drink about a zillion cups of tea every morning. When I saw this, it was like someone had made it JUST for me. *Bonus: it does NOT taste like sunscreen. Anything coconut, to me, runs the risk of going over the line and tasting like Coppertone. This is subtle and glorious. Find it. Stock up.

The most beautiful eggs.

The most beautiful eggs.

I also made the most beautiful easter eggs in all the land with my BFF and super cute godson. These were done by wrapping 100% silk around the egg (like men’s ties, etc), then white cotton, and boiling them in vinegar water. They didn’t ALL turn out this beautiful, but the reveal party was awesome. It was a super fun surprise to see what you’d get. Everyone got at least a few to come out great!

And not to leave out the running, its been in the 50’s this week – with some SUN even here in Jersey. Finally logging some road miles in between my long runs (instead of on the treadmill). KEEP ON BRINGING IT, SUNSHINE!



XO, ya’ll. It is finally almost Friday!


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