The final 10.

Slowly but surely. Also, you can't really see it but I totally tear up the insides of my shoes. So weird.

Slowly but surely. Also, you can’t really see it but I totally tear up the insides of my shoes. So weird.

AAAAAAAAAAAaaaand my longest training run of this season is OVER! And just like Jeezy, I rose to the occasion on Easter and completed my 10 miles (no offense to those who are religious- clearly, I’m not so much).  I realized on my last couple miles back that I look forward to the taper (and to not feeling obligated to run a bunch of miles) way too much. Does this invalidate me as a runner? Or does it just mean that I’m torturing myself by doing half marathons.

Another mid-run thought, as I passed a guy with the NJ Marathon (full) shirt on, who was probably training for the marathon version of the same race I’m running: I can’t imagine wanting to run for 6 hours. That is how long it would take me to run a marathon. I cannot, in any way shape or form, imagine running for 6 hours (or training for it). Thanks, folks, but I’m happy staying with my longest run as a just-over-2-hour endeavor. On the bright side, this final run had ZERO snow on the ground and I actually felt relatively pleasant throughout. Unique this season (and last) – since most training runs I felt terrible. Hopefully with game-day adrenaline I’ll be able to land somewhere around where I ran the Shamrock Half last year (2:37) and NOT like the time I, one month later, ran the Rutgers Half in (2:50-something). Amazing to me that those races were a month apart. Luckily Long Branch is more like Shamrock – fast and flat. Add in familiar, too, since this is the 4th time I’m running it. I’ve had decent times at LB over the years, so I’m hopeful. It’ll all hinge on how I wake up feeling that morning, and, of course, the weather.

Enough about running – how about celebrating some non-religiousish, mostly-just-family-holiday type adult easter with this sweet “basket”?



Wine, beer, Coldstone, flowers, and just a touch of candy. The Boyf and Niece had pretty good takes with chocolate candy – I’ll take this over chocolate any day 🙂


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