Jacked up sneakers, dog boogers, and race week.

Obviously, the most exciting part of that title first:

Yup, those are dog boogers.

Yup, those are dog boogers.

Brixton has been hacking up a lung and boogering all week. I’ve had her 9+ years and I can’t say this has ever happened before. She has been on antibiotics about every two weeks since November – I guess being 9 is hard. A staph infection, a UTI, then another staph infection, a cyst on her toe, and now dog boogies. Sigh. My little lady is officially getting old.

ONTO THE RUNNING PART! Man, I was feeling every inch the Slowest Sheep this weekend. I put in a 5 miler in some amazingly beautiful weather on Saturday. One week to race day, and those 5 miles were slow. A friend of mine texted me a “time hop” that 5 years ago we all ran our first half marathon. I’m sad to say all I could think while running was how strong I felt while training those first couple years – and how weak/slow I feel while training now. I can’t say I fully understand why, which is frustrating. I’ve kept up the same routines in terms of training schedules, I just seem to keep getting slower. It is frustrating, though I’m still very much looking forward to a medal on Sunday, no matter how long it takes. My hope is I’ll come in somewhere around where I did at Shamrock in VA last year -high 2:30s – NOT where I came in at RU a month later (2:50s). Truth be told, anywhere under 3 will be okay, but I’d be happier closer to 2:30. I will push on race day, that I know. And I am happy to know that Long Branch is a course I know well, and am EVEN HAPPIER that it is a flat course compared to my hometown where I  run. These legs HATE hills!

Look at that sun:

Sunshiney slow miles

Sunshiney slow miles

About those jacked up sneakers:

Heel scraper.

Heel scraper.

Notice the large scraped off part of my heel. I’ve been rubbing my feet together while running since I started jogging 6+ years ago, and am a devout Mizuno girl. My long distance shoe, since my second race, has been a Mizuno. I sometimes run in Asics or Brooks for shorter distances, but for length, Mizuno has always just felt right. For the last couple years I’ve gone Wave Creations, but tried out the Prophecies this year (doesn’t hurt I got them for like 75% off!!). While they feel great and cushy, I’ve only been running in this ONE training cycle (since Xmas time) – and THIS is already the hole I’ve scraped into them. Color me disappointed that they’re a more expensive shoe than my usual Creations, but are holding up way worse. Boo!


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