The world after a race.

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Life slows down. Weekends involve more sleep. I got my bike tuned up so now I can put in some leisurely bike miles. Sometimes, I have less to write about.

In some AWESOME news, if you read about my complaints when my Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3’s got holes in the toes after only a few months of light running (while rotating them!) – Mizuno made good on it! They took my claim and turned it into a NEW pair of Wave Prophecy 4’s that are on their way to me right now. I’m super stoked about this. I love when a company stands behind their products. I’m not a huge complainer, but when I spend good money on something I want to love so bad, I get super disappointed when it breaks/isn’t the quality I expected. Of course, once my new shoes arrive you’ll be getting a picture of them.

What else is going on? My upcoming race is the Spring Lake 5, which is a HUGE and awesome Jersey Shore race. The summertime means early mornings on the water are the coolest places you can be, even on a warm morning. This race has a long history, and it will be my third year running it. Even better, my awesome mom is running it for the SECOND time with me! Last year I convinced her she could do it (only 5k’s to that point) – and she earned her first ever race MEDAL.

Spring Lake 5

There we are, ready to take on the SL5 last year. This race got her over her fear of distance, I think. She was jogging 5-6 miles at home but was afraid to race them. The best part is that in this race, you’ll NEVER be last unless you’re a walker! That was a huge confidence boost for her, since we’re both back of the pack joggers. It is always nice to know that you will be surrounded by people along the course, at least in my mind. It means I’m doing okay, keeping up a little. I’m also excited that I finally talked her into running an even longer race in the Fall – the Perfect 10 Miler. I know she can do it – and I’m going to help her train so that she knows she can too. We may never win the races, but finishing and getting that medal is definitely worth it no matter the time.

As for times, for me, just like most of my race times in the last few years, I’ve gotten slower. My first year on the SL5 was 52 mins and change. Last year, 55 min or so. I’m hoping that this year, I can stay around 55, but we’ll see that morning. My goal is to push as much as I can, and hope for the best. Just like with all races 🙂

Other fun news? After 8 long years with my beloved red Mini Cooper Convertible, I’m about to trade her in for…. a new one. Yup, the exact same car, but probably in a different color. What can I say, I’ve loved her. All other cars I drove just seemed like boats to me after driving this little baby for so long. Why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?!

Baby girl has been good to me

Baby girl has been good to me


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