More pictures than words.

So many pictures, so little time. It is graduation week at my job, so things are a bit crazy. It is the BEST time of year, but also the busiest. So a few pictures while you sit tight:

Mizuno came through and replaced my Prophecy 3’s with 4’s. Those beautiful babies on top of my Mizuno pile are the result! Super happy with their customer service.

See those glorious NEW prophecies on top!

See those glorious NEW prophecies on top!

MAD MEN! With a boyfriend who is a copywriter and often fancies himself a Don Draper (you know, booze and cigars and manly man) – I got sucked into this series and definitely ended up falling in love. I even made the effort to stay AWAKE past 9PM (such a hard thing to do) and watched the finale on Sunday. We made fancy coctails, even though I don’t generally drink booze. Boyfriend hooked it up by putting in more “stuff” than vodka, and this Lemon-Basil-Cold River Blueberry Vodka baby was superb. As was the ending to Mad Men. Don totally went back and made the Coke commercial, right?!?!



METS FANS! How excited were you to see Noah Syndergaard finally come up!? I’m pumped about this Nordic beast.



That is all I’ve got for today, folks. I’ll be back with MORE excitement once I pick up my new car  this week (fingers crossed) and run the Spring Lake 5 on Saturday. Pictures of all those good things to come too. X’s and O’s and all that jazz til then.

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