Spring Lake 5, and a new but familiar addition.

Let me start you out with some infinite cuteness (okay, maybe I’m biased).



For the record, Brixton kept this doggie diaper on for like 10 minutes. So, its not exactly in a “functional”mode yet, but I’ve searched in the interwebs and I’ve got some ideas for how to make this dang thing stay on/up. One of them involves a baby onesie. The things you do when you have a disabled and old dog….

NOW! Onto the Spring Lake Five (5 mile race).

Mom and I killed it.

Mom and I killed it.

It was the most beautiful day in all the land. Chilly in the morning, but bright blue skies and sun. Absolutely, completely perfect running weather. I think the high for the day only ended up in the 70s, barely any humidity overall. We could not have asked for better. My mom and I were there, along with over 10,212 other awesome folks. Two good friends also showed up, though we only saw them after the finish (and they killed it too!!). This is a huge, clusterf** of a race but its great all at the same time. The organizers know what they are doing (39th annual running, you don’t get there on luck alone!). One wish is that they had corral-based starts, because a lot of walkers and kids end up in front of you, so a little more organization there would help with the flow but no matter what this race is a good time. Remember, I’m not out there winning any races (nor would this be a race that I’d try to set a PR on because of all of the people-traffic) – but it is always a wonderful, enjoyable race.

ONTO OUR TIMES! If you recall, my goal was to end up around where I was last year (55ish). My mom wanted to do the same (1:02 last year). WE BOTH EXCEEDED OUR GOALS!! Hooray! I ran a 54:26 (miraculously UNDER 11 minute miles… holy heck!) and my mom squeaked in JUST under 1 hour at 59:58 (12 min miles exactly). We were both super happy with our times. I feel like I could even put in a respectable 5k time right now. Maybe not back to my 29min days, but a healthy 33 could happen. My next race isn’t until July 4th (and its a hilly, tough race), but maybe I’ll set some goals in that area and hope for the best.

I ended the day of this race by cracking open my big toe on a Corn Hole board. It was bloody and boyfriend had to pull out his doomsday prepper go-bag to help me (which I always make fun of him for)… And then on Monday, I got a cold. Needless to say, I haven’t run since. A perfect storm, but at least I’m only wasting one week on these things, not separately.

The excitement continued. On Thursday, I picked up my new sweet, incognito Mini Cooper. Which I love!

They call me Bond now.

They call me Bond now.

#allblackeverything   … except that I’m getting CUSTOM awesome mirror caps painted. We MINI people deck out our mirror covers (you may have seen ones in black, white, chrome, checkered, etc) – so I bought a set in “ice blue” and found a great lady pinstriper through the wonderful world of the internet who is going to paint them custom for me. What did we ever do before google and instagram and facebook? She did some work for my tattoo artist (who I follow on instagram) – and through that I saw her page. In a strange coincidence, she lives 3 miles from my Aunt Gigi in PA. Needless to say, I am totally stoked to (as MINI calls it) you-ify my new MINI.  I did very little to my old, well-loved MINI, and I guess I’m a little spoiled now that I’m older, have a better job, etc.

But really? It is the little things that makes this new car wonderful. Like being able to USE the front cupholders. If you had an older MINI, you know that you could only fit a coke-can sized cup in the front. They were totally, completely useless. THIS IS SO GLORIOUS NOW!!!



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