I’m pretty sure things like #NationalRunningDay didn’t exist before social media. And if they did, probably like 1% of the world knew about them. Now people like me feel all sorts of compelled to participate. I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THE PRESSURE!

Okay, maybe I did just fine.



I jumped for joy, mostly because Jersey was finally not rainy or humid or gross. It was a cool 60 degrees, and gosh darnit, going for a jog on National Running Day sounded just fine to me. A lot of folks spent the day talking on social media about what running means to them.  Everything was so lovely-dovey and feel good. Gush, Gush.

For me? I’m not a “runner’s high” kind of girl. Running is always hard for me. No matter how many miles I do, no matter what I weight, no matter what. It is always work. Maybe that’s why we get along. I’m good at work. I’m good at being busy. Currently, I don’t have a lot of challenges in my life. I’m good at my day job. I’m pretty good at my night job, too. Neither one are super taxing – I’ve done both for a long time, so I know what’s coming at me. Based upon my choices and my relationships, I’m the kind of person who likes a challenge – and maybe that’s what running presents me. I am starting an EdD. program inthe Fall, so that will be a mental challenge – this will continue to balance out with the physical one.

Running also gives me a schedule. I love schedules. I’m a calendar type girl. Running, in the same vein, has taught me to be a little bit more flexible. I fight with IBD, and some days, I have to give in to the fact that running won’t be happening (even if I had planned to run that day) because I will spend the next 3+ hours in the bathroom. I regroup, I can now tell myself that my schedule will be okay if I adjust to run tomorrow instead. As long as I get my feet back on the ground, it will all be okay.

Running has given me a sense of community. I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d care about this, but I love the community at races. People are helpful, welcoming, and there is always a sense of camaraderie. I even feel it with the people who run by me on the street. I’m not a super open person – but I never have a problem chatting with a random person about running. Maybe it has even opened me a up a little bit in that sense.

And of course, running allows me to do what I love best: EAT and still keep healthy. My health matters, but I also live to eat awesome, fun, delicious food. And I also really like wine and beer. So running + eating + drinks = happy meesh.

I hope you all enjoyed National Running Day. Now I really can’t wait for National Donut Day. That’s next, right?!?!


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