A Sinatra impersonator, Eggs Benedict of any kind, and humidity is the worst.

Things I did this past weekend:

No running. Just Wine.

No running. Just Wine. Also, note my fancy ass nails. I love Jamberry.

We had a family wedding out in Pittsburgh. On the way out, we had a glorious 5.5 hour drive. On the way home? By the time I dropped off my sister-in-law and drove back to my house 40 mins away, I had been in the car for 7.5 hours. Ugh. We hit a bunch of construction just as we left the hotel in P’bg, and literally sat for an hour before we could get on to the highway. Super frustrating. However, the wedding itself was beautiful, as is my cousin who got married. I drank a lot of red wine, which makes me happy. I managed to keep my line of drinking enough to be a little bit drunk, but not get to the point where I feel badly or will in the morning. Perfection! One of the best parts of the evening was a Sinatra impersonator! His music makes me want to dance.


It made me a little bit sad that Boyfriend wasn’t with me, because it was one wedding where we actually would’ve done a lot of dancing! We made the ultimate decision to leave him home, though, because Brixton hasn’t been in great shape lately. She can’t be boarded (is that a word?) because she doesn’t like other people and can’t walk on smooth surfaces. It made me feel safe to know she was in hands that could care for her properly, even if it meant Boyfriend wasn’t with me. She says Hi, though.

Slightly embarrassed about wearing her pee-pad onesie.

Slightly embarrassed about wearing her pee-pad onesie.

In other news, I love any version of eggs benedict. Note: I am NOT a purist. By eggs benedict, I mean pretty much anything that involves a dippy egg on top of an english muffin, no matter what sauce or additions. I love them plain, I love them with salmon, I love them with spinach, and at home…. my favorite thing is currently adding arugula and hot sauce. This is my version of perfection:

yummm. perfect dippy-ness.

yummm. perfect dippy-ness.

I could eat that for any/every meal. And sometimes I do.

In other news, this week at home as been super humid. F that, Jersey. I did a day on the treadmill and slogged through another run outside but was nauseous and sweaty and gross the whole time. I stopped to walk a little, but was happy I at least got out. It was a very slow week for me, traveling all weekend prior (so no running). Hopefully I’ll get back on track with the running next week. I just signed up for my annual 4th of July race, the race that started it all for me, so I’ll get myself moving soon 🙂


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