They call it “cross training” … I think.

If you could tell from the title, I’m not the best at diversifying my workouts. I run because its cheap, its local, it doesn’t require a drive to a gym… I could go on and on. In the past, I’ve done a few sprint triathlons, truth be told the first on a COMPLETE whim. I work at a University, so I am lucky enough to have access to the multiple pools. It was a good enough excuse to give myself a new challenge a few years back, and low and behold, I totally survived. Prior to that, I had never learned how to “formally” swim (you know, rotating breathing, etc) – I was purely a recreational, head above water swimmer. I grew up with my grandparents’ pool less than 5 miles from my parents house, so I definitely knew how to not drown… but formally swimming as a “first act” so to speak? Never. That year I learned how to do things like (badly) breast stroke, I learned that I am a terrible backstroker, and that I can actually freestyle pretty well.

 (Note: proudest moment: surviving my first sprint tri swim, see below)


That was back in 2012 (and my back doesn’t look like that anymore, much less untattooed space- LOL) – and I am still proud I did it. It wasn’t my last sprint tri, and though I didn’t complete one last year or this year, I would definitely do it again. I may have a dorky hybrid bike that won’t win anything, but I am proud to say that as a runner, I felt/looked stronger than some of my competitors on the run portion!

Now back to my point… since I got a bit distracted! Since I’m not training for a tri this summer, I’ve done zero cross training. Zero. I’ve found every excuse in the book to not hit the pool (timing, a dog to go home and take out, then not wanting to leave again, etc), and have only used my bike for leisure so far.  I play in a recreational women’s softball league (the same one my grandmother helped to found!) – but it is no workout.

Don't let this picture fool you. I am easily one of the slowest base runners on the team. I was built for endurance, not speed.

Don’t let this picture fool you. I am easily one of the slowest base runners on the team. I was built for endurance, not speed.

Until today. I bought a groupon for a CKO Kickboxing. I’m pretty good at trying new semi-athletic endeavors, so I’m hopeful this one goes well. I love good cardio, and I’ve heard that kickboxing does that. Boyfriend and I tried the P90x3 a few months ago and unfortunately, only a few of the workouts really left me feeling tired. I want to be sweaty and tired when I’m done working out! Maybe it is because I’m used to the hard, full-body workout of running, but while I “like” yoga… It doesn’t seem like a “workout” for me.

The last race I’m signed up for this summer is the Milltown 4th of July 5k, a hilly race that I’ve run every year since I started jogging – so I’m hoping this kickboxing will add some interest to my workouts through July/August. I’m a little bit scared of things like push-ups (zero upper body strength), but I do a GREAT burpee, so I hope we do lots of those. Also, high kicks. I LOVE a good high kick, but that’s probably the 10 years of dancing as a kid speaking 🙂


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