Enough exercise talk. What am I eating/drinking these days?

I haven’t talked much about food lately. That is most certainly my other lover, aside from the Boyfriend, the dog, the BFF, and sometimes running (none of those are in rank order, just so you know… no judgement).  This week’s food choices were mostly brought to you by a trip to Trader Joe’s, which is, to me, the best. There is a TJ’s about a half hour down Rt 1 from me, but it is not the best trip if I don’t have a reason to go that way. Luckily, my rheumatologist AND the MINI dealer are both that way, so at least every few months I have a damn good reason to head south.

First and foremost, my trips ALWAYS include wine. Lots of cheap, delicious wine.

I am the classiest broad in town. Lots of 3 buck chuck.

I am the classiest broad in town. Lots of 3 buck chuck.

As you can see, my wine choices all fall under the $6 mark – which makes me ridiculously happy. I’m a big fan of red wine.. or any wine… and have this secret theory that red wine cures my stomach problems. I know, I know, everyone says the alcohol makes it worse. However, based on my expert experimenting (lots of food journaling for a few years), there was zero difference with my stomach when I cut out alcohol completely versus when I did not. Therefore, I do not hold back. When I want the wine, I have the wine. I fight with so many foods on a regular basis, that I see no reason to eliminate something that makes me happy when there’s not clear evidence it does me any harm. It might be mental, but when I am having a bad night, a row of crackers and a glass of red wine are the only things that seem to be okay with me. Hence, it is important the I keep stock of affordable wine. Obviously.

Outside of the wine, I’m a huge fan of TJ’s prepared foods. Pastas, marinated fishes, microwave eggplant parm – there are so many things that actually taste pretty darn good for quick meals. Also, huge fan of their frozen turkey meatballs. Somehow, they’re actually damn flavorful. Monday’s quick as hell dinner came from there, with some good add-ins that I already had on hand, like spinach, tomato, and basil pesto I threw together.


Trader Joe’s tomato and goat cheese ravioli, with some homemade pesto straight out of my balcony garden, spinach, and tomatoes.

Now, not to make you think that all I eat is vegetables (I wish- they tear up my stomach but I can’t quit them)… I also indulged in some deliciousness at Counter Burger in New Brunswick this weekend. Boyfriend and I had date night, first burgers and then Jurassic World (why do they have to kill animals? I hate seeing dying animals. even if they’re vicious. so sad).

This beauty is called “The Contradiction”

veggie burger, egg, bacon, some other delicious stuff

veggie burger, egg, bacon, some other delicious stuff

It pretty much sums up my life: not vegetarian, just f’ng picky. This was seriously awesome. If you have a Counter near you, get there and start making some wacky combinations. Boyfriend also had an “Adult Milkshake” called the Thin Mint. I can’t eat ice cream (or any heavy dairy) unless I’m heading immediately home – and we were going to the movies – so I only sampled a tiny bit. It was also delicious, and a little bit boozy. Totally “adult” – just like me.

Speaking of non-dairy, I’ve been digging on this Cherry Garcia Protein “Ice Cream” lately. This website has some great recipes. I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, and I’m not a huge fan of having expensive substitute ingredients in the house, so not everything works for me there – but this one I could dumb-down into exactly what I wanted: a fake version of ice cream that was still pretty good. You really have to blend the crap out of it to get it creamy enough to “pass” – and the chocolate flavor helps mask that its banana, but the texture is good and it melts well. This is not to say that it stacks up to a soft-serve vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles – but as someone who can’t have that unless I know I’m in a safe place (If you know what I mean), this was an easy to throw together backup plan. I tried making this into like a “birthday cake” version yesterday and it came out pretty good. I used bananas, vanilla extract, a little FF/SF vanilla pudding mix I had on hand to flavor it (I don’t love the taste of vanilla protein powder), some sprinkles for sass, and a swirl of nutella (because why not). It isn’t the prettiest – kinda grey in color – but the flavor was good. The chocolate definitely won in terms of tasting less like bananas, and in the overall color/look department. I’m definitely going to do some more experimenting with flavors in the future, though, because the basic idea is great.

And as a closer – a nice cold one. This yummy Gose was nice and sour – but still drinkable. A Victory indeed. Cheers!



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