Remember how I said I wanted to be sweaty and tired?

Well, I got my butt kicked.

Well, I got my butt kicked.

Last Sunday morning? Mission accomplished. I was drenched in sweat here – and I am NOT a big sweater. I’m one of those jerks whose shirt never has sweat stains – I run about 20 degrees colder internally than everyone else (LOL). An hour of kickboxing off my newfound groupon, and it turns out I am a huge weakling. The kicking and punching and laps around the gym, that I could do. It was all of the planking, push-ups, and crab-walking on my hands around the gym that made me super duper sore. As in, it is the Thursday after and the part of my body under my armpits (what muscle group is that again??) is still sore as heck. I’ll be going back this Sunday (after running a little 5K Saturday), so I’m ready for the pain again.

That night, I came home and had myself a little #SoupSunday – kale compliments of my CSA, which started last Thursday and I am psyched about doing again. We’ve done it for the last three years and it makes me get creative with what I’m cooking, as well eating the veggies I know I should be eating. A little bootleg Sangria here never hurt either 😉


In other strange news, my teeny little handicapable dog decided that she was Hercules last week. We caught her on camera knocking down her gates not once but FOUR TIMES last week. She appears to be head butting the gate until it twists.  As a good mom, I took pictures to internet shame her, of course.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT ON CAMERA! (Disregard my messy kitchen)

CAUGHT IN THE ACT ON CAMERA! (Disregard my messy kitchen)

And said Internet shaming:

Hercules! Hercules!

Hercules! Hercules!

Other things that made me happy this week, in picture form:

The custom mirrors that I had painted for my new car came in. And they are BEYOND amazing. I could not have asked for something more “me.” The pinstriper I found absolutely nailed it. 

Accessories are the most important, right?

Accessories are the most important, right?

So if you see these in Jersey, holla. It’s me. There’s no one else out there with ’em. 🙂

Also, I thought this was the dumbest thing ever when I bought this car – MINI calls it an “openometer” – it takes up dashboard space with a gauge that tells you how long your top has been open. And then when I realized I was coming up on baby’s one month anniversary, it became a competition. COULD I HIT 30 OPEN-TOP HOURS in 30 DAYS?!?!? Well, as you can see I did. Not sure I’ll ever look at this gauge again, but as a MINI owner, you’ve just got to let go and embrace the quirkiness.


Random awesomeness: Last Friday I packed my softball bag the night before, since I go there right from work. I happened to pack my super fab rainbow socks (I am all about the shorts-and-high-sock combo for softball) – AND it was the day that love won and marriage equality happened all over the US!



(Yes, I know I’m wearing soccer cleats. No, I don’t care. My league is not serious enough that it matters, and soccer cleats come in WAY better colors!)

On the menu for this holiday weekend? My annual 4th of July 5k in Milltown, cousins visiting from Maryland with a super adorable puppy (so get ready for pics!), trying out some recipes I’ve been dying to try, and mostly rest. Enjoy the holiday!


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