4th Fun

If you were unsure if running in a tiny hat is possible, I assure you, it is.

A TINY HAT = Best accessory ever.

A TINY HAT = Best accessory ever.

As long as you’re not super fast, I assume. Those people probably have a lot more turbulence than I do on their runs!

This was my sweet outfit for the annual Milltown Firecracker 5k.    The rest of my outfit outside of the TINY HAT could have been more festive, but for some reason I struggle to have much red in my running wardrobe. However, I looooove this Brooks tank top and absolutely can’t live (okay, run) without my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra running skirt. It really is the only running skirt I’ve found that is just the right length AND has more than spankies underneath – it has REAL shorts that actually don’t ride up. SO many skirts have such tiny little shorts underneath that DO NOT work with chubrub! This one is so good. They just put out a new skirt with FIVE pockets that I can’t wait to try – once I save up the $$$ to justify buying it.

This race starts by scaring the living daylights out of you with a cannon, which makes it the best. Also, because it is a tough as heck course. I was proud of myself for only walking up one hill, and muscling (slowly) through the others. I finished at about an 11min/mile pace, which is a-ok with me. Sure, under 11’s would have been nice, but this was a tough course and the weather is always on the humid side. I definitely could have hit that on a flat course, but you can’t win ’em all. My awesome mom and best friend ran with me. I should note, BFF is 4 mos pregnant AND jogged with her 2 year old in the stroller. Talk about killing it.

After that I made up for all of the running by enjoying some nice cold ones with my family at my brother’s house. It rained on our way over but by the time we were there, the sun was on its way out. My cousins were in town and all was well with the world, especially with one of my favorite brews, Dogfish Head Festina Peche.


So drinkable, just a little bit tart, delicious.

Brother is a techie, so there was also time to play with his drone. Yes, I said “his drone.” He bought a drone. This freaks me out some, and I feel kind of bad for his neighbors… So for an hour of the BBQ, this is what everyone was doing… staring upward like weirdos.


The drone does take awesome pictures… but it also sounds like a swarm of bees when it is close by.

Also, earlier this week we got our delivery of Hank Sauce hot sauce. Boyf and I stumbled upon this at a wine tasting event at Monmouth Racetrack last summer, bought three bottles, and were panicking that we were just about out. Never fear, internet shopping to the rescue.


Brixton eyes up our Hank Sauce. NO, BRICKY!

This stuff is the bomb diggity if you like hot sauce. I could smother the Cilanktro one on everything – it tastes like hot sauce, but is mild enough that you can actually sauce things with it. Heavenly.

What’s up on the menu next? I hit up kickboxing again on Sunday, this time with a different instructor. Proud to say that this time I fared better: maybe because she spend less time focusing on shoulders/arms, and was more balanced with things like squats and laps in between the planks, push ups, and kicking/punching. Definitely a little bit better, and I don’t feel like my arms are going to fall off today. Just the right amount of sore. I am enjoying this, so we’ll see once the Groupon is up. Pretty sure its super expensive, and I am definitely a cheap-o!


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