The Brixton saga, and preparing for minor surgery of the Boyf.

The last week since the 4th of July has been a whirlwind.

Brixton ended up having some trouble, and I spent a couple of days worrying about her.  That seems to have been the trend for year 9 of her life – I feel like we have been in the vet every couple of weeks this year (she turned 9 in Feb). We ended up trying an antibiotic, hoping that her accidents are a UTI, and not a sign of her kidneys worsening. As I’ve posted a little bit about prior, she has had problem where her back discs rub and cause some paralysis in her back legs. This happened initially at age 3, and for about 4 years she lived a pretty normal life while being on a very low dose of steroids. She could still walk, run, go up and down stairs, etc. At about year 7, that changed. Her dosage of steroids had to go up, and we had to carry up everything: stairs, curbs, everything. Year 8, she started having less control over her poo, so no more sleeping on the beds! At this point, she was still walking around fairly well, but slowly. No more real running, and high grass created trouble. Our vet suggested wheels for exercise, which we got and she loves! The less weight she puts on, the better for her back. Our neighbors probably think we just baby our tiny little dog: but in reality, we carry her everywhere because she can’t get up those curbs, and tires very easily from dragging around her back legs.

Fast forward to this year. Walking is very slow, and there is a lot of dragging paws and not quite rolling them over to stand, a lot of falling. Most bathroom trips involve us supporting her back end with a scarf. She has been getting infection after infection: staph skin infections, a cyst on her paw, UTI’s, and we’ve found out that the long term steroid use is making her body imitate having Cushing’s Disease. Normally, someone would just take their dog off  the steroids – but for us, without them, she’s in pain and can’t walk at all. Quality of life is important, right?

So that is the long version of: Bricky started having accidents (urine) again this week, we went back to the vet, got some (more) drugs, and hopefully that will do that trick.

Through all of this, she smiles. She greets us by pounding her two good paws on the floor until we pet her back and scratch her ears (aside: can you imagine never being able to scratch yourself because you can’t balance on your back legs at all?!?!). Once she gets to the point at which she stops smiling, then we will evaluate what to do. For now, I’ll keep on trying new things and getting her new meds because if she’s happy, it’s okay with me.

Hey you! Don't stop petting me!

Hey you! Don’t stop petting me!

In other, less depressing news, Boyf and I explored a new local small brewery this weekend!  Cypress Brewing Company opened up just down the road from us in Edison. It was close enough that we had to try it. Their tasting room is teeny tiny but we enjoyed a few of the beers (Hefeweizen, Amber = our faves) and it was well worth the trip over.


Of course, since it is literally a mile or two away, we had to go to Harold’s Deli for dinner. Huuuuuuge corned beef sandwich + lots of pickles = heaven!

Boyf also made a big decision last week. He’s been thinking about this for a while, finally decided to go for it: he is having his deviated septum fixed, his sinuses surgeried (LOL), and at the same time getting his uvula snipped off. He snores like a bear, and has never been able to breathe out of both nostrils. Here’s to hoping that it works and that he gets some relief… and that I can return to joining him in the master suite instead of the guest br (TMI!).

Have any of you had any of these procedures done? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!!! Feedback on the recovery, etc are all very appreciated.

One last thing! I signed up for my next race (and probably the last of the summer for me) –  East Brunswick VFW 5k

This is a small, newish race. I’ve run it since its first year, and every year they have grown. A friend actually runs it, so I might be biased! It is nice and flat, and at the end there is beer and usually something super refreshing, like watermelon or italian ice to go along with the usual suspects of bananas and water. Bonus? The T-shirts are always really sweet. I get them for Boyf: they have been dark colors in dri-fit patterns, so he wears them to the gym all the time. I have so many race tshirts that are grey or white cotton and just sit in my drawers. Always nice when this is a change. I’m hoping for a decent time on this one since it is flat.  Hills are my enemy!

Personal note! My badassedness has returned, in the form of my bleached under-hair. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, but last time I cut my hair it was very short and cut out all of the bleached part! So now that its long enough to put up, the badass has returned. BAM!


Today is my BFF’s birthday. She is an awesome lady, and we’ll be heading to her beach house on Saturday to celebrate. My godson’s 2nd birthday is a little later in the month as well, so we’ll celebrate both. Many pictures to follow. For now, I will leave you with this teeny tiny gem from 15 or so years ago, when she and I were just babies. Having a support system like my BFF is what makes the world go round for me, folks. I hope everyone else is as lucky 🙂



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