Weddings, beaches, and surgeries.

As I mentioned in my last post, this coming weekend/week were about to be a whirlwind. We hit a wedding on Friday: we danced, we drank (maybe a little too much), and of course I took bathroom selfies.

Bathroom selfie, of course

Bathroom selfie, of course

I got that awesome necklace from Target the day prior. I’d worn the black dress to a family wedding and wanted to mix it up with new jewelry. It has TONS of colors in it, so it can be worn with so many things. I’m going to call that $19.99 well spent!

We were supposed to hit the beach Saturday for my BFF/godson’s bdays, but it was crappy out, so that got postponed to Sunday. Good thing, because Boyf was in bad shape after double fisting Grey Goose martinis all night. I was alright though tired. We spent most of Saturday sleeping it off on our couch.

Sunday was hotter than hell back at home, but on Midway Beach, it was a full 15 degrees cooler with a great breeze. Still warm, but a beautiful day to be on the beach and have a few beers and celebrate. Which we did.

Beach Heat!

Beach Heat!

Onto the work week! Monday and Tuesday flew by – because Wednesday was (dun dun dun) surgery day for boyf! He went under the knife early Wednesday and we were back home by late afternoon. He was pretty out of it, as noted in the blackmail photo below 😉

Sleepy family.

Sleepy family.

Not sure why the dog was so sleepy, but she’s old, so I let that go. Boyf is actually in better shape than he’d thought. The uvulectomy (removing his hangy ball in throat) is what’s bugging him most – feeling the stitches there, etc. Surprising indeed!

With Boyf out of commission, I get to eat anything I want. Which basically means I’m not cooking much meat if I don’t have to. I mostly eat vegetarian-ish by choice – mostly, I’m just picky, not vegetarian. I don’t like chicken at home, I don’t like burgers, fish at home always tastes gross to me… the list goes on. Veggies, however, I love. My stomach rejects them every time, but I love them. So I’m going to pay for it, but while Boyf can’t eat solids, I’m on an all veggie, all the time diet and I love it!

Clearly, our farm share did us well this week – and I’ve got corn salad and zucchini noodles to prove it. Zucchini noodles sauteed up quick with some olive oil, a smidge of butter, salt/pepper, garlic, and parma cheese is definitely becoming my favorite quick meal. Boyf isn’t a fan of the texture of the noodles, so it’s ALL MINE!!!! Woohoo.

corn/tomato salad

corn/tomato salad!

I'm not down with the term Zoodles. They're still Zucchini Noodles to me.

I’m not down with the term Zoodles. They’re still Zucchini Noodles to me.

Last but not least, this sheep went on the move the last couple days. Wednesday was mostly spent in the Surgicenter and then watching closely/nursing the Boyf at home (aka staring at him creepily to make sure he’s still breathing), but Thursday morning and this morning I made sure to GET OUT! Yesterday I had a nice, morning run (rare occurrence during the week, since I can’t seem to get my butt out of bed by 5:30AM on work days) and today I took out my trusty bike. It hasn’t gotten much play this year for some reason, but it was great none the less. My buns will surely hurt tomorrow. I could not have asked for better weather on the days I’ve been off being a caretaker (and for the fact that its not ME that had surgery, too!!).



On the menu for this weekend is more playing caretaker/nurse, maybe some kickboxing, and a local 5k on Sunday. I totally wanted to get more chores done, but our washer machine is current broke… guess I’ll just have to read my book, right? DARN 😉


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