Handling time off.

I am, by nature, a person who does. I make plans with others, I make plans for myself, I make lists, I always have an idea of what I want to get done on a given day.

When I have unexpected or lengthy time off, either from things like last week, where Boyf needed a caretaker, or I have extra vacation time I need to use or lose (lucky, I know) – I have to give myself plans. Even if they are little tasks like running, food shopping, or laundry, they keep me in check and from feeling idle. Idle hands and I don’t get along. When I stop moving, I fall asleep. Literally. Any time after… say, 6PM, if you find me on the couch without a book or something to do mentally, I will likely be falling asleep. I’m not one who can “watch” TV. I fall asleep while watching just about anything at home. The less I have planned to do, even if it is in my own home, the more grumpy I get.

So knowing I had some time off for being Nurse Meesh, I had plans. I wanted to work out each morning. I wanted to do laundry. I wanted to clean up my house, put away said laundry, etc. I had a softball game Friday, kickboxing Saturday, and a race on Sunday. AND two books to polish off from Wed-Sunday. The only part of this plan that got foiled was laundry. Our stupid washer decided to stop working on Thursday when I went to use it – how annoying! I spent half the day trying to get someone from our Home warranty to contract someone to come out. They’re coming today….Monday. Ugh.

Here’s the rundown of how it all went down:

Run Thursday – Check

Bike Friday – Check (see last post)

Softball Friday – CHECK! We won our play off game and will go into next week’s championship game undefeated – Woohooo!!

Kickboxing Saturday – Check. Photographic proof:

Reppin' my alma mater (undergrad) while ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACKing

Reppin’ my alma mater (undergrad) while ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACKing

Race Sunday – Check! And in my cutest Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra to boot.



Race recap: The East Brunswick VFW 5k morning was hot and humid! The sun was out in full force, which would have been lovely if I wasn’t running a race. I knew from previous years that while the race was flat, it was also pretty much completely in the sun. Zero protection. So I went out not having much hope for getting in under, say, 35 minutes. I actually felt alright the whole time, though very hot, and didn’t stop except to grab quick water at 2 miles because of the heat. We hit the highway (literally – Ryders Lane) for the last mile and I tried to push. This is a small, local race so less of the more seasoned runners came out and I managed to pass a few folks in the last mile – always a confidence boost! When I rounded the final corner and saw the clock, I was surprised as heck. I squeaked out a 33:43 – 10:51 average!! I was very happy with this time, given the weather and my expectations. That is about as fast as I’ve raced this year anyhow, and I’ll take it. On a cooler day I probably could’ve hit this course at 10:30s since it is so flat, but I am more than happy with the result.  Even more happy was the ending: Beer, oranges, water, and hot dogs! Nothing like a perfect breakfast of hot dogs and beer (I am not even joking… so good). There was also italian ice, which I snagged on my way out.

Love a race with all the right things after. Breakfast of champions, hot dogs and beer.

Love a race with all the right things after. Breakfast of champions, hot dogs and beer.

This was a great way to finish up the weekend. I spent the rest of Sunday plowing through my books. I’d finished one on Friday, and was able to finish up the other Sunday. I am currently running through the whole Harry Bosch series. I used to read mostly non-fiction (sociology, cultural studies, women’s studies stuff), but lately have been just diving into light, easy reading. Mostly mysteries, and they go so quick. A few years ago I got hooked on the Jack Reacher series and ever since, I’ve gone for books of that nature (PS – ugh, Tom Cruise! NOT Jack Reacher!). I guess that’s my “break” from work and teaching 🙂

Brixton's current status: stand and stare as I hold up her back legs.

Brixton’s current status: stand and stare as I hold up her back legs.

Boyf is feeling better, and slowly beginning to be able to eat more. Surprisingly, his face actually didn’t bruise at all from the septum surgery, but he’s been having pain from the uvulectomy in his throat more than anything, and thus hasn’t been eating much. Brixton, pictured above, is having a rough couple of weeks. Her legs are really giving out now, and she is mostly laying around. We got a Ginger Lead to help us assist her a bit more when “walking” for bathroom breaks etc, but she is really not using her legs. I’m hoping its just a bad week and they come back, but I’m not super optimistic. She still smiles at us, though, so there is happiness in that. Little victories!

So tell me! How do you handle downtime? Can you just relax and do nothing, or are you like me and need to have a plan until it’s time to pass out?


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