Beginning the training cycle

This weekend begins a new training cycle for me, and with it a new adventure.

I will be “coaching” my mom to the finish of this race along with me.

My mom can absolutely do this. She just doesn’t believe in herself, or that she can, yet.  I’m not a running coach, I’m no kind of fitness expert. But I’ve done this a few times, and I know that she can, and just needs some tips, tricks, and encouragement to get there. AND a schedule…. Everyone needs a schedule… right? 🙂

Just my mom, running like a badass.

Just my mom, running like a badass.

A few months ago, I signed us both up for a 10 mile race. A race I’ve done before (actually, the first year they ran it!), a race that is relatively local, a race that I am confident will be an excellent first experience for her. The Perfect 10 Miler will be a fun, flat, well-equipped course for her to start double digits on. CGI runs an excellent race: I’ve done their Rutgers Half and the NJ State Tri multiple times, and each have had plenty of support and well-marked courses. My mom worries about things like bathrooms and water stops, like any runner (like me, for sure!!), and this is a race I am confident will have everything she needs.

I am incredibly excited.

She already can run 6 to 7 miles on her own, so training will be a piece of cake, but I mapped out a full schedule for her, to take it nice and slow and go through all of the paces to build up to 10 miles. We start with 5 this weekend. I’ll look forward to documenting her progress (and mine) throughout the next couple of months. This is truly more about building her confidence than running – she already can handle this. Learning about things like proper hydration, nutrition, and other “little” but important things will be key, and I am more than excited to help her learn these things.

My Mom Is Awesome.

Truth be told, all I can think about right now is that I want to splurge on race clothes. I want to buy these, and these, and these too all as race options (and of course I want to buy her matching ones!!!) – but I’m trying to hold off to save, since we’re going on vacation in August and I don’t necessarily “need” new items… I’m sure at some point I’ll cave and DO IT and be so happy I did. But for now, I will oogle them online!

This week in guilty pleasures….

I’m also digging on the new Jamberries I just got in the mail. So summery and floraly  and happy!

Aloha, sweet nails

Aloha, nails

So in the world of disgusting, delicious, terrible-for-me food, I bring you these:



I saw these in the store and couldn’t resist trying them. Luckily, I also was at work, so I brought them back to our break room, got myself a handful of each to taste-test, and left the bags to be devoured by others. The overall vote of the office was that the Gyro was better… but I disagreed. The Reuben was a classic, thin chip whereas the Gyro had the extra crunch of kettle cooked. I loved that the reuben really did smell like sauerkraut  (sort of like a salt and vinegar type thing), and they both were really pretty spot-on. I just tend to like things a little bit more acidic, so Reuben and I got along better than the more salty Gyro. I’m sure I’ll also at some point bring back the Biscuits and Gravy and Truffle Fries versions too, and of course will weigh in for the crowd.

Tonight is my softball team’s Championship game!! 

We made it through the entire season undefeated, and hope to finish that way. We are playing the team that challenged us the most this year, and no matter the outcome, this season was one for the books. This is my 8th year in this league, and we spent 6 of those years never making it to the Championship game: we were last just about every year. It is nice to see things come full circle. After work, I’ll be going home to change, pick up Boyf and Brixton, and heading down to the field for this final game. Hooray for a superb season, Jamesburg Women’s Softball League!

Have a great weekend, readers! 


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