I do not run with reptiles.


I hit the road on my day off (while waiting for my awesome new washer machine) last Friday to hit my required 6 training miles. And a snake tried to join me.

This was the least cool thing ever. I have nothing against animals. But I DO NOT want reptiles anywhere near me. I’m all about cuddly, soft, drooly pets like dogs (and cats, if I weren’t allergic).


So that was zero cool. The rest of the run was alright, though. 12:45s average, so I’ll be trying to do better than that, but I don’t normally sweat it. I tend to race much faster than I train, and this race I’ll be hanging out with my mom the whole race so pacing will be up to her. She also completed her 6 miles this week, and was nice and positive about it!

However, the day prior had also been the best mail day ever. I came home to this:


Which resulted in this:


NEW Skirt Sports attire that I grabbed on impulse when I got an email about 40% off. I had been jonesing for it anyway, as you read in my recent posts. So I did it – got the awesome shorts above and the FIVE POCKET skirt in my first pic. Both are pretty super, and I am not regretful.

Also included in those boxes was a little thing called a PeeKeeper for my little, kidney-impaired doggy, which has thus far been much better on her than her baby onesie. It might just be my house’s saving grace, as anyone with an aging/handicapped dog might know… that pee smell? Ugh. Fingers crossed!

You also saw my sweet farm share box in that pic – which had these beautiful tomatoes and herbs in it. Breakfast of champions!


Over the weekend, Boyf and I also hit up a brewery that just opened up 5 miles from our house: Demented Brewing. Their headline: “Insanely flavorful ales,” seemed right-on. We tried a Berliner Weisse, which was just enough sour, a strawberry cream ale which was our favorite (and we brought home a growler of), a pale, and an Amber (appropriately named Scarlet Night!). They were fun and flavorful, and I am happy to have this little brewery as a neighbor. We will definitely be heading back soon, as fall turns and things like porters come onto the menu. We both don’t prefer IPAs, even though that is what is popular right now, but everything else is fair game.

11802790_10153476011872114_7235215216105875064_o IMG_7485

Oh, hey, see my hair in that pic? In my house we call that “Superhero Red,” because it makes me think of comic book ladies. My usual color was not in stock anywhere near me, so knowing I had nothing important planned the next couple of weeks, I just went for it and picked out another close color. I figured it would be really bright, or too brown, which is usually the case for me. I’m actually happy it came out too bright rather than too brown. I always pick fun over blah, and I always hate the way I look when my hair goes too brown.

Finally, boyf and his family and some friends and I are headed on vacation  next week!!


We’ve got a house down in LBI that is a few houses in from the beach, and Boyf and I will be there all week long. His parents are coming down, as well as his brother, for a few days, then a few friends will also be stopping down. It should be fun. I am most looking forward to getting up each morning while everyone is still asleep and getting a few miles in on those nice, flat, breezy ocean roads. My running shoes will get a work out and I couldn’t be happier. I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t know a Splash and Dash would be going on the Thursday that I’m there. I could have easily done this, but haven’t been in the pool all summer long. Had I known, I definitely would have logged some pool time and hit this up! Next time, right?

The result of piling up stuff for the beach house is currently making a train wreck out of our office.


Utter Chaos.

And that’s just the non-perishables, to start. We’ll be doing some real food shopping when we get there, but don’t want to go down completely empty handed. This is my first time renting a beach house, but Boyf’s family did often throughout his life, so he knows more about this than me. It seems a bit overwhelming – sheets, blankets, food, supplies… I usually overpack when it comes to just clothes so the thought of trying to remember everything I use on daily basis is a bit daunting. I guess if I remember my running shoes, bodyglide, a bathing suit, and a corkscrew/bottle opener I can’t go TOO wrong, right? The countdown to vaca begins!

Any seasoned beach house pro’s out there with some tips and ideas for things we might not think of?? 

I’d also love some suggestions for places to eat, drink, and/or be merry down in LBI if you know the area!


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