Vacation Nation


Annnnnd I made it. The longest week ever, as usual before vaca, but I made it. And I am now READY:

This should get me through about two days, right?  Iheard there are liquor stores on LBI still.

This should get me through about two days, right? I heard there are liquor stores on LBI for when I get desperate.

Got my bathing suits, flip flops, sundresses, and wine all packed up. SCORE! Tonight’s final mission is getting the little one (read: dog) all packed up and ready to go to her grammy’s house. That is actually the most nerve wracking part, since she has a lot of meds that require different timings, and is pretty hard to care for since she can’t get around much anymore. But my parents are the bomb diggity and are more than willing to take one for the team. When I first got Brixton, I was fresh out of graduate school and was actually living with them for the first two years of her life, so they love her as much as I do. I’m very lucky to have them and very thankful, as well, since boarding would not be an option at this point in Bricky’s life.

In my typical type-A, neurotic way, I’ve requested a picture of her at least once a day to make sure she’s okay. My mom is going to think I’m nuts by the time this is over (okay, she already knows…). I’m also setting up her webcam that we use at home for her. I have it set up to make sure she doesn’t stray from the rugs and fall on the tile while I’m at work, and it’ll make me feel better while I’m away, too. I use my old iPhone and Manything, which is a free service, and it has given me a pretty great sense of safety while I’m away each day to be able to check up on her.

Wave to the camera! Whoops, you'd fall over.

Wave to the camera! Whoops, you’d fall over.

That’s my usual view of my messy kitchen and the Brixton in her PeeKeeper to keep accidents off our floors (it has already been a vast improvement over her baby onesies, YAY!).

My running plan for the week away is early and often! I can’t wait to hit the flat, breezy, cool early beach mornings. I’m getting up super early tomorrow in order to log my 6 miles before we hit the road down the shore at 9am. I know the first night in the house I’ll want to indulge in some wine and such, and I don’t like to over-do it the night before my long run, so I am playing it safe and getting it in before we leave Sat. I never really worry about what I’ve eaten or drank the night before with short runs (3-4 miles) – which is what I plan to do the rest of the week – so the hard part will be over.

My awesome mom, who celebrated her 55th birthday yesterday, already logged her 6 miles this week because she took the week off! She is doing great. As we get up in mileage, we’re going to do more running together so that she gets comfortable and has company. She is used to running between 5 and 7, so I think once we hit 8 that will be the plan. I’m already proud of her. She’s sticking to the plan and getting her miles in!

the life and times of Meesh and Mom

the life and times of Meesh and Mom

I completely hope that I follow in her footsteps and am as awesome and active as she is at 55. I certainly didn’t get her skinny kid genes, but I did get her youthfulness, so I’ll take that as a win.

You probably won’t hear from me much this week, so I’ll catch you all back after I’ve had my fill of this gorgeousness.

If someone tells you Jersey sucks, they're lying to you.

If someone tells you Jersey sucks, they’re lying to you.


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