Food, beverages, and bikes…. Vaca recap time.

I ran. I’d like to say that I ran like the wind, but we all know that’s not true. I’d be a fast sheep then.

Vacation was humid and hot most of the week (just like the rest of Jersey), and I was surprised that the little access road that cuts between the houses in LBI has very little breeze (unlike a boardwalk etc). With the humidity, it would have been a welcome one. Every now and then when we got a break in the houses, you could feel a great ocean breeze.  None the less, I got out there most days of the week either running, walking, or biking (or multiples of these things). My fitbit says I hit over 10,000 steps every day, which makes me happy. We went paddleboarding one day too, which I love. We tried it last year for the first time and I just love the quiet calmness of it all.

I’ll be completely honest, the food and the drink and the views were so much more important than the workouts to me this vacation week. I ate many things I would not otherwise (or would, but more sparingly), I drank red box wine and delicious Blue Moons to my heart’s content, and ate and ate and ate…

I feel no guilt.

All wonderful things: wings at The Chicken or the Egg, cod sandwich at Pinky Shrimp’s, swordfish at Boulevard Clams, a stop at the local Surf Taco, Donuts at Ferrara’s and Shore Good Donuts (very different but both yummy), and ice cream at the Skipper Dipper (when did cookie cones become a thing?!?!).

Pinky Shrimp’s deliciousness

These donuts were warm. YES WARM!

Aside from food and drinks, we kept busy. We biked as many places as we could, and when we drove places (like Barnegat Lighthouse, below) we were sure to get out and walk around as much as we could too.


The first 3/4 of the week, we had much company. Family and friends all joined us at the house and things were hectic but fun. Cute, happy toddlers and a full house made for fun times. Thursday and Friday of the week, it was just Boyfriend and I. We planned it that way and were happy to spend time relaxing, reading, biking, and celebrating our (WHAT) 5 year anniversary.

Bikes Rented, Check.

Alas, Saturday afternoon we were back home and back to regularly scheduled events.

Batman was there to greet us at home.

Upon our arrival home, Batman ears was there to greet us and fall asleep on us.

Sunday morning I went out for my  7 mile run, and did it without a watch. My estimated time was about 1:30. Stickin’ to my slow and steady mode, it seems, but after being away a week, that is fine. Next week 7 is on the menu again and this time, I’ll try to keep track of my pace a bit and see if I can pump it up a little. You know, try to stay under 12:45 or so.

One of my favorite things to make from our farm box are zucchini latkes or pancakes or fritters or whatever you want to call them. They are super simple and always delicious. Just zucchini grated and squeezed out, some breadcrumbs, parma, an egg, and whatever seasonings you like, a little pan fry and voila! Straight up yum. I make up a little mayo, sriracha, and lemon juice sauce to go with them and all is well with the world.

As of next week, I’ll be a student again for the first time in 10 years.

I was a great student back in the day, and school always came easily to me. However, this go-round I’m super intimidated to start again.  It is only one class, but still … The university I work for is rigorous and large, maybe that’s the fear? I went to small schools for my MA and BA, so I guess I’m psyching myself out for the EdD at a big university. I am happy to note that Five Star notebooks are WAY freakin’ cooler than 10 years ago tho! Look at this jam:


September also means life becomes crazy at work next week too, since undergrad students will be back!!! That is the kind of busy that is good though, because work days fly when I am problem-solving and helping students, as opposed to doing the back-end paperwork most of the summer. Bring on the first years and registration lines!! Wahoo!!


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