Chubby kids run too… Friday Rants!

I’m not sure how I forgot to add this on my Vaca recap post, but one of the bakeries we went into on LBI had the best sign ever up:



And with that, it was spawned me to go on a Friday Rant! How appropriate. I’ll just get it all out right here and go on with my busy weekend. That’s what blogs are for, right?!

One of the things I didn’t expect when getting into the running community was the diversity of the crowd. Fast, slow (okay, except for really small races, maybe), all genders and ages. It was one of the most wonderful things, because when I started racing I was always afraid I’d be the slowest or the chubbiest. Turns out, chubby kids run too. And we’re pretty darn okay at it. I will never be one of those people who don’t need BodyGlide. My thighs will always touch. And I love them. When I started running, I was kind of pissed that the first parts of my body that I started losing were my boobs and my butt. I love my curves!

I’ve never been “fat” – or seen myself as that. I’ve always had my fair share of confidence. I was a three sport athlete in HS, and while I was bigger than my friends (size 13 to their size 0 – 6s usually), I never felt fat.

old1 old3

Me, in my lovely HS glory. Size 13 JNCO’s that I saved forever and ever to buy!

My BMI was overweight even then. My BMI has, at times, gone into the obese range, which is friggen ridiculous. The person in this picture is not obese. I can’t even imagine growing up in the world that my HS age cousins have. 

This is about my heaviest - around a size 16/18.

This is about my heaviest – around a size 16/18, post-college

By the time I got through college, I was, however, out of shape, and had let my weight creep up a bit. I didn’t start running to lose weight: that was just a nice bonus. I wanted to feel fit, I wanted to know that I could do something I thought I could not. My weight still fluctuates a bit, and I’m sure an under-functioning thyroid doesn’t help – but I don’t sweat it. I keep running, slowly but surely, and still feel good about how I look whether I’m a 12 or 14 that week. While I do hope I don’t creep back up to 16/18, because I didn’t look as healthy as I should, it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me as long as I was still sweating a couple of times a week and getting my miles in.

I still harbor some anger at women’s clothing sizing and stores, and the medical professionals that create BS like BMIs for skewing our reality so much. For making me feel “big” as a very fit size 13 in high school. For clothing stores that don’t sell things over XL in the real life store and make people who are perfectly normal go online to buy clothes. Places that don’t sell bras over a size 38, or pants over a size 13 or 14 in real life. Running clothing lines where the XL won’t fit my butt into it (ugh, beautiful Nike pants), or where the arms of an XL don’t fit me. I am ecstatic that I have found some running brands that are colorful AND fit my womanly body, and that more stores now sell XXLs and plus sizes than ever before. But there is still work to be done, in letting the world know that skinny is not all that there is out there, that fit comes in all sizes and shapes.

Not everyone is made to be a size 6. I would have to lose 50 lbs to be in a normal BMI range. I would look like a stick figure. I’m still not sure my hips would be less than a size 10. Which is a-okay with me. Will I ever lose 50 lbs? No way. Maybe 10 here or there, but I’m perfectly happy with today’s me: fit, healthy, strong, and curvy.


I complete feats of endurance before breakfast, and I could absolutely out-jog zombies in a zombie apocalypse.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can all go on about our Fridays, right? Happy weekend, everyone! 


2 thoughts on “Chubby kids run too… Friday Rants!

  1. You look fantastically fit!! And I agree… I won’t go into Sports Authority anymore because they rarely have XL, let alone XXL!! And the tek shirts they give out at races… WTH!! Do they think the women are all petite?? Frustrating! But love your rant!!

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    • Oh my gosh the tech shirts at races!!!! I have more than once sized up for an XL to XXL because they are so teeny. And we wonder why little girls are under so much pressure about weight these days!

      Liked by 1 person

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