Everyone in my house is broken.

Yup. Two unexpected visits to the doctor this week, and I am slightly exhausted. And broke. None of these visits were for me, though, so my body is still a temple.

First, on Sunday we noticed a cyst on Brixton’s paw. She only has two good paws as it is! This was on one:


By the time we got an appointment at the Vet on Tuesday, it was oozy and gross. So she’s back on antibiotics, a spray, and epsom soaks. Good thing she’s a tolerant little lady and doesn’t seem to care about ANY of this!  A few days later and she’s already on the up and up. The cyst is slowly deflating.

The second doctor visit? A trip to the ER with boyfriend. He had the septum surgery about a month ago now and things have been good – then he got a nosebleed that just wouldn’t stop. Warning, graphic image below:



Soooo we spent two hours in the ER last night, with him blowing gross stuff out of his nose, which we then texted to his brother. Make it work for you, right? He’s fine, but had to go back to his ENT this morning to get packed again.

When he called me from the gym saying that he needed to go to the ER (which is luckily 3 miles from our house), I rushed out of the house so fast I abandoned my cookies and was afraid the whole time I hadn’t turned the oven off. Luckily, I had, and upon my return, my zucchini cookies had actually cooked using the cool-down of the oven for the last two minutes they’d had remaining.  Somehow, they were delicious. I was so excited to be trying out a recipe from Hungry Runner Girl’s blog:  Zucchini Cookies – and was so happy when I came home, my boyfriend was okay, and the cookies were actually fine. Hooray for little victories.

I am hoping for a far less eventful long weekend. My first class is tonight (WHAT)… so I am a student again… but other than that? I’ve got 8  miles on the menu, which I’ll probably hit up Saturday morning. OH! An update on my mom! She is doing awesome with her running. She’s still comfortable at 8, so I’m letting her run alone still, but made her promise that we can run 9 and 10 miles together when we get to it. She has never run those distances so I want to be sure to be there to support her. She doubts herself so much. I can’t wait for her to get through this race so that she can see she can absolutely do it. Because I know she can!


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