Deja Vu and other disasters.


YUP. That jerk again.

The snakes. I’m still over the snakes!

That defined my long run this weekend, and some of the “life” stuff that happened over the holiday weekend, too.


First, lets talk about the 8 miles I ran on Saturday. HOLY SLOWSKI! I felt great for 3 miles, and then the wheels started to come off. I ate some Jelly Beans at 4, thinking I had another 45 or 50 mins left to run and since it was hot out, I should refuel. Alas, refueling did very little. I slogged through to 5.25, and then hit a hill ….and I was not having  it that day. So I walked it. At that point, my jog got so slow that it could be defined as more of a shuffle. But whatever, I was still out there, right?  I just started to feel tired at that point. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, because I’d slept well, hydrated properly the day prior, and thought all should go fine. Some days, though, you just have to roll with the punches. AND ANOTHER JERK SNAKE APPEARED AT MILE 6! WTF?!? This was not my day, and I basically jog-walked the rest of my 8 miles, hovering somewhere between 13:30s and 14 minute miles. Alas, I finished the required miles, but was somewhat disgruntled at myself. Usually I can push myself to at least keep shuffling, but that day I did not.

This craptastic run did not stop me from taking it to the house for my breakfast post-run. This baby is toast, avocado, arugula, tomato, and egg deliciousness. Love, Love, Love.



In other deja-vu /disaster related items, my last post was a lie. Alas, Boyfriend’s nose did not stop bleeding on Thursday. Sadly, even after the doctor’s visit, he had nosebleeds that very night, Friday, and Saturday. Friday was spent back at the doctor’s again. Luckily, we had not planned anything for the holiday weekend, and decided to do only things that we could split from very quickly if need be. I swear, by this point I felt like I was on the Oregon Trail and everyone around me had dysentery. My dogs paws, Boyf’s nose… oh, and Saturday our AC unit decided to clog and soak our entire basement carpet. AM I THE ONLY HEALTHY ONE HERE?!?


None the less, I figured out some fun, local, low-key things to do. AKA BEER. Once my long run is complete for the weekend, I’m pretty much no-holds-barred with the adult beverage or food choices (read: I eat all the salad/veg and drink all the beer/wine that I want). So we hit up two local breweries for some samples and brought home a few growlers for the weekend.

Brewery #1 was Conclave Brewing, a very new brewery that just opened in Flemington, NJ. Boyf works in this area and it’s not too far from our house, so we shot up there for a quick sip. The beers were good, so I’m hopeful that they’ll keep trying new things so we’ll have reasons to return.


I generally do not like any beer that is defined as “hoppy.” I hate IPAs, and anything remotely hoppy usually tastes straight bitter to me. That being said, we actually ended up going home with a growler of the Hop Ritual Pale Ale, because it was very well-balanced and not bitter at all! We also brought home some of the Espresso Milk Stout: rich and one to savor, for sure. The Mexican Morning interested me, but ended up being too spicy for my taste.  Looking forward to see what they have going on in the future.

Brewery #2 is one of the bigger locals: River Horse

River Horse has been around since the 90’s and is pretty well known in Jersey. They were in Lambertville until 2013 (and we kept talking about going but never made it there), and just moved down to Ewing to double their size. We already knew we liked a lot of their beers, but it was nice to see the place. They are a legit brewery, on the level with the Yuengling and Dogfishhead type places, that are well-decorated and give real tours (not just “go look at our tanks because you have to). Fun fact? All of the their beer that goes out (NJ, parts of PA & NY) actually comes from a single bottling line. Crazy, right?

They had some really cool murals on the walls and awesome art work. Of course, the beer was delicious. We brought home a growler of the Farmhouse Saison and it went down like a charm.

Soooo maybe we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home for more booze and food.

Soooo maybe we stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home for more booze and food.

In even better news? Boyf’s nose did not bust out bleeding at any of these locations. I also managed to get all of my reading for class done over the weekend.

It is now Wednesday. The dog’s paw cysts are significantly smaller, Boyf’s nose hasn’t bled since Saturday, our AC was fixed yesterday, and I’ve officially written my first 1500 words for the class I’m enrolled in. Lets hear it for recovering from the hot mess that was the last week!

How do you push yourself to keep movin’ when you’re having a bad run, or a bad week in general? 


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