Whiny (or is it Wine-y) Wednesday

First, and least whiny:

9 miles completed with my MOM on Saturday, at a 13:20 pace.

The whole time she insisted it was her worst run. The whole time, I told her she was a liar and took lots of stalker photos of her skinny little self running up ahead of me šŸ™‚

Most of my run was spent creepily taking pictures. Mom had no clue.

Most of my run was spent creepily taking pictures. Mom had no clue… until I facebooked them after.

I did my best to not annoy her or make her feel rushed, so I stayed a little bit behind her. I think by the end she finally got the idea that IĀ was not trying to make her runĀ my race, instead, just following along. In fun news, since her overall pace is a little bit slower than mine, I can actually have a non-panting conversation during it (pretty much the only time ever – I’m a heavy breather LOL). She runs only a little bit slower than me, but from our run I found out a fun fact! This isĀ only because she run-walks some of the time. If she was able to jog the whole time she would kick my buns. She jogs around a 12:15 pace, but then stops to walk so her overall ends up in the 13’s. I won’t say this to her (because it will scare her) but I think once she gets this 10 mile race under her belt, she could easily drop some time by gaining confidence that she doesn’tĀ needĀ to stop and walk as much. Through our conversation, I think she knows her walk-jog method is partly mental, since she knows her legs still feel strong.

Needless to say, I’m quite proud of her. She is absolutely killing it, training her highest miles ever. We have our HIGHEST mileage on the scheduleĀ for this coming Saturday (10 miles!!!!) and I am happy that she will be letting me join her once again. I hope to take another picture with the Old Stage Road llama, since we’re buddies now:

I've driven by this llama (?) for 33 years and never gotten this close. #lifegoals

I’ve driven by this llama (?) for 33 years and never gotten this close. #lifegoals

Random Wednesday whines, since I promised:

  1. Soooo tired. I wrote my first true “paper” for grad school this weekend/week and am feeling quite exhausted as a result. It has certainly been a little bit more time consuming than I expected to be a student again, doing things like research and sitting in class, even if it is only a few hours a week. I’ve basically stopped cooking real meals at home during the week (sorry, Boyf), and spend most of the weekends reading/writing.Ā Ā IĀ did do some baking, though, and had a red wine and zucchini muffin dinner at least one night last week.


2. Holy waste of packaging, Batman!


3. Football season.Ā 

This is what my house looks like on weekends now… I’d say pardon the mess, but hey, I know you’re not judging. I simply tolerate football because I love my Boyf, and because I also love the food that comes with it: chili, wings, beer, nachos… YUM!


Boyf simply MUST watch his Giants lose… meanwhile, myĀ MetsiesĀ areĀ finally contending for a playoff spot!Ā Ā It has been almost 10 years since we were here last. LETS GO METS!

4. Fall. Am I ready? Not sure, but I will say it is nice to have those windows open again and a breeze coming in. Ohhhhhh AND these cords I got for $6 over the summer and have been waiting to wear.


And boots. I love boots, too. Those will come out of my basement this weekend. However, I am sad to see my flip flops and sundresses go.

5. Pumpkin Beer


The world was once a simpler place, when only one or two pumpkin beers existed (Shipyard Pumpkinhead, you were my first, and still my favorite). Now there are Pumpkin porters and Imperial Pumpkins and soooo many pumpkin beers. Too many pumpkin beers! I love choice, but do I really need to try all of them, just to make sure I’m not missing anything? Maybe, but I’m pretty sure its going to bankrupt me eventually.

That is all of the whines I can come up with for the day, and I shall leave you with this little Brixton yoda face:


Time to get a run in and make theĀ eveningĀ wine-y instead. Bring it, three-buck-chuck.


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