Clinching and Double Digit Miles

Let me begin with the most important event of the week, for a Mets fan.



We finally made the playoffs!!! It only took 9 years this time. As a Mets fan, I know enough to be cautiously optimistic until the actual moment that we clinch. And this Saturday, the magic happened. In all honestly, I want us to go further into October baseball, but truth be told, I am just so freaking excited to finally have some baseball to care about even if it is only one series’ worth. Hope for the best, plan for the worst 😉

Onto the things that (I think) this blog is supposed to be about – that running thing.

10 miles!

Mom and I set out on Saturday for what would be her first ever double digit run. I, of course, continued to stalk her with my camera.

After I posted this on FB, she says, Enough with the rear shots!

After I posted this on FB, she says, Enough with the rear shots! Whatever, mom. I hope my buns are that fit at 55.

We rolled along through the roads of Spotswood and East Brunswick (no llama pic this week, llama was not on the road side that day!). We got a slow start with our first mile clocking in at a sluggish 14 minute mile, which made my mom feel some fire under her feet. I’m pretty sure that even if I wasn’t with her, this time would’ve made her cringe, so I’m glad she was able to self motivate. As usual, she had primed me with all of the things that could possibly go wrong (her hips were sore) and as usual, told me that if she was running too slow that I should go on ahead. Not going to happen, Mom!  I would also like to note that she eats hills for breakfast. The route she runs is pretty darn hilly, and since I am a hill wimp, I was surprised to find that her walk breaks were NEVER on the hills. She trucks up those hills and leaves me in the dust.

Once she got moving, she got back to her usual pace of running around 12:30s when jogging then walking in between. This brought our average pace to its usual mid-13s for most of the run. However, I was surprised to find that today she had a kick! We loop back around by my parents’ house at about 7 miles, and at that point her jog portions were in the 11’s.  She had actually negative split this, her longest run ever. WHAT?!?! So good. She was actually leaving me behind while running, it was only when she’d start to walk that I’d jog up to catch up. My 55-year-old mom, once again completely crushing it. She didn’t complain once, as we got going, and we absolutely high-fived it out once our watches beeped 10 miles.

10 miles COMPLETE!

TEN! A F*NG TEN! (For the Varsity Blues watchers out there)

TEN! A F*NG TEN! (For the Varsity Blues watchers out there)

Biggest smile ever for my mom. I think she was glowing after the run. She said to me that she couldn’t believe she felt good. This was exactly my goal for her: to train right, eat right, drink right, to feel good for 10 miles. I’m not sure if she’ll ever race double digits again, but whether or not she does, I will continue to be super proud of her for this training cycle. She took the time to learn new things, like what type of fueling works for her on her runs (Jelly Belly Sport Beans), how to hydrate and eat the day before a long run and the morning of it, AND most importantly, that she can do it. That she won’t fade out, poop herself, or pass out on the side of the road. That her legs can carry her 10 whole miles

This is so awesome. We are still a few weeks out from the race, but the rest of our miles are downhill from here, as we taper down to our best rested legs for the race in October.  I cannot wait for her to get her shiny medal from The Perfect 10 Miler and be a part of the all-lady, positivity-filled day that it will be. I hope it is glittery like the one I got a few years ago 🙂

Other events that went down this weekend? Boyf and I covered about 5 miles of trails on Sunday (at Cheesequake – nothing like a state park where on one side you can hear the hum of the parkway… ahhh Central Jersey wilderness), and I made my first batch of chili of the season. My turkey chili is the bomb diggity, if I do say so myself. We’re not huge fans of beans, so we go heavy on the meat, light on the beans.

IMG_7959 IMG_7960

Fun fact: before I met boyfriend, I did not realize that some people eat chili only as a scoopable, salsa type condiment. In my family, we put chili in bowls and eat it as a meal. He requires a tortilla chip and scoops it like its is a dip. #expandingmyhorizons – LOL.

Brixton spent the weekend being cute, as usual, in case you needed a dose of cuteness to get over your hump day. In Jersey, it has started what is supposed to be quite a few days full of rainy dreariness, so soak up the cute, folks.


So tell me the truth, my chili eating readers, it is a dip/condiment, or is it a meal? 


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