Thirsty Thursday


All this talk about running makes me thirsty.

Since I have not had the pleasure of a real Thirsty Thursday since my days back in college (further away than I’d like to admit), why not go for the blog version?


I guess I could’ve also called this “What’s in my fridge Wednesday”

Now that the days have gotten cooler and fall is upon us, our beer shelf in the fridge has transitioned from light, summery, chuggable beers over to the ones that smell like pumpkin pies and spices and are more of the savoring type variety.

Let me take you on a little Thirsty Thursday tour, from left to right:

Evil Genius Trick or Treat (Chocolate Pumpkin Porter) and Purple Monkey Dishwasher  (Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter) – These both SMELL amazing. The Chocolate Pumpkin is much more smooth than I expected, easy to drink quickly. The Chocolate Peanut butter one smells like you opened a jar of peanut butter, no joke. It feels a little bit heavier than the pumpkin, so more of a sipper, but still enjoyable.

Red Hook Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter – I bought this one for Boyfriend, because he isn’t fan of light pumpkin beers. Honestly, it’s a little bit too spicy for my taste, but isn’t overly dark and is pretty well-balanced if you enjoy spice.

Great Lakes Alberta Clipper Porter – Darker than expected, with an actual thick-ish head on it. It is a sipper, for sure. It tastes almost charocoal-y, if that were a thing, and it isn’t a bad thing. Just like a sort of toasty, out in the woods type taste.

Duclaw X-10 Saison with Canteloupe – an end of summer pick up, and a good one at that. Boyfriend and I actually found that we taste very different things in beers. In this one, he tasted heavy canteloupe, whereas for me it was very light. Also light and refreshing, not bitter or spicy.

Dogfish Head Noble Rot – this tastes like if you mixed a Chardonnay with a wheat beer, to me. It is a little bit sweet, but winey at the same time. Out of these beers, it my favorite thing in my fridge right now, and is an absolute treat.

Shipyard  Pumpkinhead – my favorite pumpkin out of all of the pumpkin beers I’ve ever tried. Taste wise, I am not a cinnamon fan, so anything that over-does the spices is not my friend. This is even, chuggable, and tastes like fall without being overly spicy and cinnamon-y. It doesn’t hurt that this was the first pumpkin beer I ever had, many moons ago.

Another fall problem outside of just which beer to drink first? I’m dying to buy a new pair of boots. This year I’m all about the ankle boot. I’m dreaming of these:


But the bargain shopper in me won’t spend $140 on boots (if you saw how big my heel/boot/shoe collection is, you’d know why) – so I’ll probably wait until I find something similar in Marshall’s that is $50 or less.

NJ is in for some rain/possibly some hurricane action the end of this week, so I’ll be spending more time on my old, dusty, trusty treadmill than I have had to the past few months. It is incredibly boring for me, but I will say that seeing my speed/time constantly does make me push myself harder. Last night’s session wasn’t too shabby. Just not looking forward to the 7 or 8 I will have to run on Saturday, if it ends up on the treadmill. Hopefully the weather isn’t too terrible and I can just raincoat it out!


5k @ 10:45ish last night. No complaints here.

What’s your favorite seasonal drink for fall (alcoholic or non)?


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