The Mental Spew of a Long, Slow Runner


First run of the season in something other than shorts and a tank top… sigh.

As a slow distance runner, when I am training I spend a lot of time on the road. Anything over 5 miles takes me more than an hour to run when I train, so pretty much anytime I run more than a 5k distance at home, my brain has time to de-fry and spins.  During short week day runs (mostly of the 3-4 mile variety), I pretty much zone out. This past year or two I’ve been pretty terrible at running before work, so most of my weekday runs are after work but before dinner: 6-7PM ish. I pretty much turn on my music and just go, since I already know what has to get done when I get home (usually things like dinner, laundry, school work, or cleaning… super fun stuff). Back when I was able to get myself out of the house at 5:15am, I zoned out then too. I remember coming back from runs and thinking… hmmm… what just happened? I remember holding my pepper spray (because, DEER! Have you ever seen when animals attack? That is what I picture), gearing up with my reflective stuff, and then being done at the end. Not much in between. Though a little more alert, my after work short runs are very similar.

However, on the weekends, when I get out there for the longer miles, I am a stream of consciousness while running. For example, this weekend I covered 7 miles as I begin backing down miles for the Perfect 10 race on Oct 25th.  This still took me about 1 ½ hours, so plenty of thoughts spinning. This is generally what things look like:

Mile 1:  This is hard. Pant, pant, pant. Why is this mile the longest!? Ugh. These capris are slowly making their way down my thighs. Must get sweatier so that they stay in place.

Mile 2: Hmm. First turn up ahead. Maybe I’ll switch it up this run, but how? I liked running better in shorts and a tank top, my thighs are still pulling down my capris. What am I going to wear today? I’ve got it! I’ll run my route backwards. Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Mile 3: Finally. My pants are not about to fall off. Focus. This doesn’t feel so bad. Don’t look at your watch until you hit Mile 4 (challenge!).

Mile 4: YAY time to stop and have some jelly beans and water. Walk walk walk. Will I keep running today? Or will I walk home? Nah, I have to keep running, I’m on a main road. Must appear strong to the world!

Mile 5: What can Boyf and I do this weekend? Hmm. There is that new brewery down the road, maybe we’ll go get dinner and fill up a growler. Then I don’t have to cook AND we have beer… mmmm.  Ohhh, I need to food shop. Chicken, eggs, oil… what am I going to make this week? That cabbage in the fridge needs used. Get noodles, cabbage and noodles it is!

Mile 6: This town’s hills are the worst! Why are you hilly at the end of my run?!?! This is unfair. Don’t look at watch, the pace up this hill is always so sad. When I get home, I’m going to have the best breakfast. It is going to huge and awesome. Chocolate almond milk? Yes please. Let’s get this run over with already!

Mile 7: HOORAY! I’m here. Finish strong, go down the fast bridge, hit watch immediately at 7 miles (also catching the awesomely fast pace I hit when I go down my final hill). Pant, bend over, stretch, chug chug chug water. I can’t wait for a hot shower. Eww, Brixton, stop licking me like a salt lick!



Sometimes, I plan whole days in my head, other times it is just a bunch of crazy thoughts like Monday was.

Other weekend happenings?


Boyf, College friends, and I fested the Oktobers at Triumph New Hope. I was the driver, so I DID NOT actually drink this big stein, but Boyf did. I only got to have a small one, but we did bring home a growler, so there is that. Delicious sausages, potato pancakes, and pretzels were had.

IMG_8075 IMG_8024

BOOTS! Ankle Boots happened. Thank you, Marshall’s and Sears.


Last week had some really cold days. Sad Reynaudsy fingers, I’m sorry to see you return after a decent summer.


BABYLOVE! We visited my newest niece, Cassidy, who was born on 9/20. She is still a teeny weeny little nugget and is the cutest.



My currently pregnant best friend cleaned out her closet and gave me a whole new wardrobe. We are usually the same size, but her pregnant-ness has been quite the bonus to me. I am currently wearing an entire outfit (down to the shoes) that is from her pile of awesome.


CHEESE AT WORK! Valley Shepard Creamery came to my work and gave us a presentation and tasting. Best. Lunchtime. Ever.

Up for this next week: Finally, a somewhat lazy weekend on the menu. Lots of reading for my class, but maybe a Soup/Sangria/football Sunday in the works? We shall see 🙂

What do you think about while running? Are your runs productive in the thought department, or are they mental spew like mine are sometimes?


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