Playing Dirty

I am a murderer.


A shoe murderer.

I’ve killed my second pair of Mizuno Wave Prophecies in a year. The first pair, the 3’s, seemed very flimsy along the toe area that I normally scrape (see hole in shoe above). Back in March (ish), I had them replaced by Mizuno with the 4’s (above). The 4’s seemed more sturdy in this area, but as it turns out, the very same thing happened. Now, I will say that I am well aware that my strange gait is what causes this. I scrape my feet together when I run – I can’t feel it happening, but apparently it happens often. It even happens in my heels at work, oddly enough, so it is not just a “running” thing. Nonetheless, I’m kind of sad that these beautiful, not even terribly dirty sneaks will be going in the trash after my race in two weeks. Happily, my Wave Riders and Wave Creations do not have the same wear issue  – they get worn in that spot, but never actually make a hole – so I will continue to wear those.

I found the sad shoe hole after Saturday’s beautiful 6 miles (at a glorious 12:13 pace).  Previous to that finding, I was trying out possible race day bottoms: Skirt Sports Redemption Capris, which were awesome. They stayed put and had a nice pocket for my key and jelly beans. Only downfall, I wish they had a pocket that fit my phone – but hey, that’s asking for a lot! That would be absolute perfection, but I think they will work great our 10 mile race.


I’ll be so blueeeeeeeeee

I went out for this run thinking that it would be a terrible run: I was so harried at home before leaving cleaning up after my dog’s accident that I forgot to eat anything. Usually if I am running upwards of 5 miles, I’ll have a half of a banana or a granola bar, something small before I head out the door. I had completely forgotten! Whoops. Not only that, but I had a couple of beers the night before without enough water (FEAR! un-clear pee!). So the whole first mile I was thinking, man, this might not go very well. Color me mistaken: it went great. I chugged along all 6 miles and kept my pace up higher than it has been for the last few long runs. The weather was spot-on, so I think it invigorated me. On the chilly side when not running, but sunny and beautiful with a light breeze while getting all sweaty running.

Other dirty-ness?


MMMMmets swag nails!

Chase Utley’s slide into Ruben Tejada in Saturday night’s Mets/Dodgers game.

Generally, I’m a firm believer that baseball is baseball, and you play hard or go home, but he never even touched the base, broke a guy’s leg, and then the umpires gave him the base back. I’m sorry, but you need to at least be able to grab the bag with your dirty slide. I’m not usually one to gripe on this, but it was pretty nasty, and was definitely a game changing decision by the umps. I maintain that I don’t like replay for things other than home runs: the split second base decisions, etc. I still maintain that: the initial call should have stood. Of course, I’m biased because it was in my team’s favor, but sometimes you get the call and sometimes you don’t. None the less, it angers me that a kid got his fibula broken and his playoff dreams dashed all because another player had to play it overly dirty – and got rewarded for it.  Sigh. Time to play hard at Citi Field tonight, Metsies, and get some momentum back after that! 

Other happenings in this neck of the woods? A very dirty Brixton got her bath this weekend. I tasked Boyfriend with drying her off after the bath, while I hopped into the shower myself. When I got out, this is what I found:

completely not dirty. actually quite sweet.

Not dirty at all. Actually quite sweet.

One very clean and cozy dog, and one very asleep Boyfriend. Yup. They live the life, I tell you!


Completely unrelated to the dirty theme, Sunday was Soup Sunday again! Of course paired with a very seasonal delicious beer, too (Warsteiner Oktoberfest – prettiest bottle ever!). We got kale in our CSA box this week, so Sausage and Kale soup, one of my favorites, was on deck. It is basically a copy of the Zuppa Tuscano at Olive Garden, and it goes like hotcakes at my house. YUM!

Do you wear down your running shoes in a weird way like I do? 

Do you have a favorite fall/winter soup?


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