Top Dog – NYCWFF Hot Dog Competition and Taper, Taper, Taper!

This weekend, I was able to attend one of the coolest things ever: a NYC Wine and Food Festival event for fancy hot dogs!

Top Dog had a bunch of chefs making specialty hot dogs, and we got to vote on which was the best. This was completely up my alley: I love food, I love trying new things, and lets be honest: I love foods that are kind of garbage (aka hot dogs). In a sweet turn of luck (or his niceness, really), Boyf picked this event for his birthday weekend celebration after seeing a Groupon for it. We are lucky to be a 45 min train ride from the city, so it is always a fun time when we can get in for the day.

The event was held at the Biergarten at The Standard Highline. We had gotten in nice and early, so we walked the high line over from Penn. It was a little bit crowded, but on the way home at night it was absolutely empty and beautiful. The Biergarten itself was a great place that neither Boyf nor I had ever been to. Outdoors but enclosed a bit, with heaters and couple of bars set up. Fun, festive, and roomy atmosphere.


The fan girl in me was kind of stoked to see Andrew Zimmern in real life. I am a total addict of the food network, the travel channel, and HGTV. These are the stations I turn on basically every night, before the Mets game comes on, while I either read or putter. Boyfriend recently did a video shoot at the Food Network for work and joked that he actually knew who the chefs were because I leave Chopped on constantly. So seeing some of these folks in real life: pretty flippin’ cool. Even cooler, though, was eating all of this awesomeness:

heaven, must be missing a bunch of hot dog angels.

heaven, must be missing a bunch of hot dog angels.

You had to roll us out of there. I think we had every possible combination of hot dogs ever. My favorites were the ones with greenery and the ones with good “SNAP.”  In my opinion, there is not much better than a hot dog that snaps when you bite it. The varieties went from variations on classics: a fancy sausage with homemade kraut and jazzed up mustards, to the completely out there: ones with mozzerella, basil, and bacon on them! My favorite was the Italiano dog, the one with the mozzerella. I loved that you could taste each element, and the herbs. Boyf’s favorite was from the Dog House food truck – a dog with shortrib chili and slaw on top. It was absolutely delicious.

Boyf's fave

Boyf’s fave


OMG PASTRAMI. via Papaya King.

So yes, we basically left in a food coma. There was also an open bar of beer, Tito’s lemonades, and flip flop wines in cans for the two hour event – so we left happy, a little buzzed, and full. Certainly not a bad way to spend a Saturday night, mid-taper.

Speaking of the taper, IT IS OFFICIALLY RACE WEEK! The Perfect 10 Miler is on Sunday and I cannot wait. The weather in Jersey has turned cooler (actually pretty friggen frigid this weekend), but I think we’ll still be a good place on Sunday. My mom is excited – slash- nervous. I put in a little 4 mile shake out on Sunday, and got my first real taste of cold air in my lungs for the year.

Cold weather = high socks out!

Cold weather = high socks out!

My favorite post-cold-run habit? Breakfast by the sliders where the sun comes in strong in the morning:


This week my only real plan is lots of water, no salads, and DECORATING THE CRAP OUT OF MY RACE SHIRT!!!!  Clearly, I am a very serious runner 😉



I fully plan on writing an awesome message about my mom on the back of my shirt so everyone knows how great she is while I run next to her – and of course, pink sparkly puffy paint glittering the crap out of it. She has no idea, and I can’t wait. The only thing that might foil this plan would be rain, since I’d have to wear a rain jacket. Fingers crossed this is not the case, both for our running-sake and because I want to show off how cool my mom is!

Of course, one little add in – LETS GO METS! So happy that we are heading to Chicago with two wins under our belt. Boyf and I have game 7 NLCS tickets, so while I hope it doesn’t come to a game 7, if it does, we will be there in full force!


I can’t wait to share all of the race pics and recap with you all.  Until then, its hydration, stretch, rest, and I’ll see ya’ll soon!

PS – Congrats to all of you out there who raced this weekend! I had so many runner friends show up displaying their sweet bling on my Instagram this weekend. You all rock the house! 


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