Running into a new season

I took my usual lazy week off post-race last week, and I will be honest: it was glorious. I’m generally the kind of person who is constantly “going” or “doing” – I have a plan each night of what I want to get done, whether it is cooking, cleaning, running, or school work (or all of the above). Last week, the ability to remove one of those (running) from the nightly routines of maintaining the dog, house, school, and dinner was a nice break. With schoolwork now a part of the routine and the dog in a pretty tough place in terms of needing cleaned/cared for constantly, I’m feeling a little bit more exhausted than usual. Though running is something I do for myself and it keeps me mentally happy and healthy, I do enjoy a break from time to time, especially after a longer race and training.

Important news: My mother has had a great post-race week as well! She got out and stretched those legs for a run, and has not had any issues. Rumor has it, she’s still feelin’ that runner’s high I hear all about 😉

Halloween came and went in our little complex, and unfortunately, we don’t get much traffic. However, we were lucky to have my very pregnant best friend bring my godson over, and my mom stopped by as well. Brixton was a fabulous glittery unicorn for Halloween. I decided to face paint myself both for work on Friday and again on Saturday. I never miss the opportunity for a theme party!

IMG_8354 IMG_8397IMG_8378

I got back out on the road on Sunday, which was a beautiful fall morning. The dog had gotten me up at 4am (5 in her head with the time change) and needed cleaning up, then again at 7, and at that point after taking her out again and feeding her, I knew there was no more sleeping. Luckily, it was lovely out.

Fall everywhere!

Fall everywhere!

Fun fact: The only other person out on the roads on Sunday morning was an older woman – and when I ran up behind her, I noticed in my un-contact-wearing morning eyes that SHE WAS WEARING HER PERFECT 10 RACE SHIRT TOO!! When I got up close, I waved like a crazy person, pointed at her shirt, and high fived her. I think she thought I was a little nuts, but she laughed. It brought my slightly sloggy mood up times twenty.

This weekend had great weather, but it got me thinking about my plan for the winter. You never really know what you’re going to get with New Jersey winters: some are mild, and some are very snowy. I’m already at a point where when I get home from work it is dark out, so most week nights will be spent on the treadmill, unfortunately. I try to keep this exciting by incorporating some speed intervals, while maintaining at least 3 to 5 miles of running fitness. I don’t typically do much racing or long running in the winter, but I do try to get outside at least one day on the weekend to hit the pavement unless it is absolutely miserable.  Racing for me in winter is hard: my body runs at vampire temperatures (Team Edward for sure), and I have Reynaud’s, so keeping warm while running can be challenging, and sometimes painful.

The one race that I always try to make it out to is The Big Chill at Rutgers. It is a huge race, with the student population still on campus, and instead of a race fee, it collects toys for children for the holidays!  It is not a race where I try to PR: too many non-runners and clogged up streets for that (at least at my pace) – instead I enjoy the spirit of the day and go out for a jog in my holiday finest and share some holiday joy with my students.

Speaking of holiday finest, this amazing sweater was gifted to me this weekend:


SHEEP AND CHRISTMAS?!?! Amazing. There are bells on it, too.

You don’t know this about me quite yet, but I’ll give you a little sneak peak: I love the holiday season. I have to control my urge to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving because Boyf thinks I’m nuts, but as of Nov 1 I want to coat my life in holiday glitter. I’m already thinking about the holiday cards I’ll send. Two years ago, I wore something “holiday related” every single work day after Thanksgiving. My coworkers weren’t sure it if was a joke or serious – kind of both (some outfits were…slightly ridiculous).  I’m absolutely considering revamping that holiday sweater challenge this year. If I do, I will most certainly blogging about it.

What do you all do to keep winter running exciting? Any tips for treadmill workouts that aren’t boring?

Do you have a favorite winter race?


3 thoughts on “Running into a new season

  1. Running at the same speed on a treadmill is boring, so I change it. I usually do a hard mile, then 1/4 mile at a slower pace as a break, and then another mile at a hard pace, and another 1/4 mile break, and so forth until I complete my miles. It breaks it up and makes it seem easier somehow.


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