Tasty Tuesday

Since work has not yet calmed from its fever pitch, I’ll stick to the things I know outside of running. Food and booze and holiday glitter.


For the record, I am still running a couple of miles a few days a week – just nothing to write home about (so I won’t).  Promise I’ll get back to that next week!

In the meantime, I do love eating. So we did a bit of that this weekend.

On Saturday, we kept it local and hit our favorite local brewery, Demented Brewing for a sampler and a growler for the road. Their newest release, Beowulf, a “robust porter,” was delicious and came home with us. Our plan was two-fold: we had seen an episode of Bizarre Foods the day prior where they had pupusas. And they looked….. amazing. Of course, we googled it….. and lo and behold, less than a block from our favorite brewery was Roxana’s Pupuseria, a little place with good Yelp reviews. We were sold. I’m sad that I didn’t take any pictures, but the ones on Yelp are pretty accurate. They were friggen delicious. Totally honest? We were not drunk or hungover, but they were cheesy and masa-y and a little bit spicy and absolutely perfect post-drinking food if we had been in that state. Highly recommend.

On Sunday I got a little bit creative at home, and woke up thinking I wanted a crock pot meal. It meant that I had to brave the store the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it was worth it.

I made Eating Well’s Honey Orange Chicken Drumsticks. I should note that I am a devout Eating Well fan. I get the magazine, and a very large portion of my recipes begin there!

The chicken only took about 2.5 hours in the crock pot, and I had almost all of the ingredients on hand. The only things I needed at the store were the drumsticks and fresh cilantro.  They were simple – mix up the sauce, throw the drumsticks in to the crock pot, pour sauce over and let ‘er rip. I love when everything comes together so easily!


Note: This was not my portion. It was a post-dinner-elsewhere snack for Boyf.

I do think I probably should have reduced the sauce a little bit more after for a thicker consistency, but I was feeling impatient. Either way, they came out yummy and easy, especially when paired with a little microwave Uncle Ben’s.

What else is tasty in my world right now? 

Winter beer switch over has occurred, and it is also rather delicious.


From left to right:

River Horse Belgian Freeze – local fave. Their amazing logos get me every time, and their beer is delicious too. This one is quite flavorful, a little bit darker than those fall beers with a little bit more booze.

Leinenkugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter – a winter staple for me. Easy to find, affordable, and mildly vanilla-y. I don’t usually love Leinie’s because I find them on the “bubbly” size, but this is not. It is perfection.

Schlafly Christmas Ale – for someone who doesn’t like too much spice in beer (me), this was my wild card. I like to try a few different holiday beers each year and sometimes I’m hit in the face with all sorts of spices – that’s just not my thing. This one was not like that. You can taste a little bit of clove, but not too much. It is deep and rich, a one-beer type drink, but I like that it is a little bit sweet to balance the spice.

Left Hand Brewing Fade to Black Vol 1 – This is a stout, and was Boyf’s choice. I like stouts, but won’t choose them if I will be having more than one beer. More of a savoring sort of thing for me. This one has a lot of coffee taste to it, and doesn’t taste like it is 8.5% ABV, which is nice.

Sam Adams White Christmas – This is definitely a favorite out of the bunch. It is lighter and more crisp than the other offerings – almost “chuggable” so to speak. I taste orange more than the cinnamon or nutmeg (but not on the Blue Moon level- more savory). This is something I’d take a 6-pk of with me to a friend’s house if I’m not the DD that night, knowing I’ll be able to enjoy a few.


Other holiday fabulousness? IT IS ALMOST TIME TO PUT UP DECORATIONS!!!!!!

If you didn’t notice from that statement, I love the holidays, I love decorating, I love all of it. Boyf has a strict no-decorations-til-after Thanksgiving rule, which I compromise and abide by. BUT IT IS COMING!

The cards are ready to go out (Wednesday, so they do not arrive before Thanksgiving, but right after!), the dog’s getting embarrased by her ugly Xmas sweater, and the Nutcrackers are marching into my living room to their final home for the season.


And that, my friends, is where I leave you.


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