A Jogger’s Holiday Wishlist

Since I promised we’d get back on the topic of running, let me start by saying my holiday weekend was run-tastic! I got out there on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to log some miles. I was pleasantly surprised that the weather on Thursday and Saturday was still skirt-worthy, so I took full advantage!



A friend of mine (who is not a runner) posted up a facebook group about “Fifty before Christmas” – doing 50 extra miles above your usual between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the idea, the accountability of it, and am going to try to use it as extra motivation to keep logging miles with nothing on the schedule past this weekend (The Big Chill).

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just passed, I have had a pretty heavy trigger finger with the mouse. I hate the crowds at stores on weekends, and much prefer shopping during my lunch hour at work or even better, online, but have been really good so far this year about buying only things for my loved ones and NOT myself so far. Hopefully this trend continues.

In the meantime, my loved ones have been asking ME what I want (since I also have a birthday within a month of the holiday). I quickly realized that most of what I was asking for was running related, so I thought I would share the top 5 running items on my wishlist this year:

  1. A new pair of my favorite running kicks! –  Mizuno Wave Creations are my jam, and being ever-frugal, I sent Boyf a link to the previous season’s version. I can’t see spending over $100 if I know I like the previous version just fine. zunos2
  2. A Camelbak – I’ve never had a hydration vest, and after all of these years of training for half marathons, I continue to despise carrying my hand-held water on long runs. Finally going for it and asking for the pack! I doubt I will ever wear it in-race because I purposely pick long races with lots of water stops, but it would be nice to not have carry my water around my hometown streets. camelbak
  3. These awesome shoe decorations: Rainbow Shwings! I saw these at Sparkle Athletic and simply could not resist. I am a lover of all things rainbow and/or sparkly. schwings
  4. Cute, sparkly headbands – when a fellow blogger posted about Mavi Bandz on her instagram, I loved the patterns! When they put out coupon codes for black friday, I emailed the link over to my boyf immediately with the subject line “stocking stuffers!!!!!” – always the subtle one, I am. mavi
  5. A new running skirt! I know I love the products over at Skirt Sports, so I wanted to try out a different style of skirt from them, the 261 Switzer Skirt. It has THREE pockets, and the shorties are a half inch longer than my Gym Girl Ultra’s. 1041561261SwitzerSkirtpurplefront_LG


Those are the running gifts that I hope end up under my Christmas tree this year…. what running/fitness related gifts are you hoping for?




2 thoughts on “A Jogger’s Holiday Wishlist

    • I showed them to my (almost 7 year old) niece and said, LOOK! I asked for rainbow dash sneakers- she very much approved of my taste 🙂 I can’t pass up anything rainbow or sparkly in life, no matter how old I get.


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