An unseasonably warm whirlwind

My nails are ready for Christmas, but the temperature says it is still running-in-shorts weather.


Completely surprising, but also entirely acceptable. The work version of wearing shorts to run? Wearing skirts without stockings!


Heck yes!

This is unlike any December in New Jersey that I remember in recent history. After last year’s biting, windy cold season and the years’ prior snowy-ness, I am on board. I’m sure we’ll get some snow and cold in January, but for now I will completely enjoy getting extra miles out of my spring/summer running clothes!


Sorry, Brixton, you don’t need those ear muffs quite yet.

I mentioned earlier that a friend had created a “Fifty to Christmas” challenge (50 exercise miles between TG and Xmas), and I’ve been using that as motivation to tack an extra mile or two onto my every day: walking after work on a day I’m not scheduled to run, or adding an extra mile to my scheduled run for the day. I’m hoping to hit 75 by Christmas, and 100-ish by New Year’s. As one of the few runners in the group, I knew that I’d hit 50 no problem with my current routine, so I stretched it. Honestly, it is great to see my friends who do not work out routinely get in on the fun!! I’ve been fighting my IBD hard these last couple of weeks, so having a challenge has made me try to motivate even when things have been uncomfortable – even if that means walking a mile or two around my own townhouse block (1/4 mi loop) so that I am within steps of my bathroom no matter what.

The last week seemed to fly by and all of a sudden, the holiday is nearly here. I haven’t even baked any cookies yet! Sure am glad I got those holiday cards out early.

In the last week, I presented my final paper to my graduate class, I finished said paper, my BFF had a beautiful baby girl, Brixton was diagnosed as a diabetic, and the onslaught of work-related holiday things have started (meetings, lunches, etc).  I am incredibly excited to have the week between Christmas and New Year’s off (THANK YOU, public university!). I fully intend to spend the week running, reading for leisure, and snuggling my BFF’s baby – Hellooooooo recovering from this whirlwind.

However, in the meantime, AMAZON, I’m begging you, please deliver all of these last minute gifts that I ordered before Christmas… pretty please!!!



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