No Winter Races? No way! Sign me up.

Remember how I said I had no races planned this winter? Well STRIKE THAT!


(the race is actually Sun, Feb 7th 2016 – looks like their confirmation email pic is a little off!!)

I get emails from SuperHero Events about their upcoming races, and was intrigued by their Pre-Game 4 Miler. I always look at their races (Halloween Half, Super Hero Half, etc) because they are within about an hour of my house, and look well attended (read: I won’t be last or alone) but then shy away because I know how hilly Morristown is.

And I hate hills. My legs hate hills. My brain hates hills.

However, the other races I’d eyed up and passed on were half marathons. Hills at that distance zonk me. I thought I wasn’t going to finish the last hilly half marathon I did (or that I’d get swept). It took me nearly 3 hours, about 20 minutes over my usual time. But 4 miles? I can handle some hills for 4 miles. PLUS, the added bonus of a later start in the winter is nice. They boast a long sleeve tech shirt and a post-race party at a local bar, so I hope it lives up to the hype. And if not, honestly, it was less than $30 AND I’ll automatically PR, because I’ve never “officially” ran a 4 mile race. Score!

In the rest of life (and in running life), I spent the weekend getting into festive-mode!

Holiday sweaters, festive running clothes, cookie baking, and oh, that’s Brixton “helping” me wrap gifts by dragging her floppy legs over my ankles.

I’m at 57.5 miles in my “Fifty to Christmas” challenge – all running miles. It has been motivating – instead of a quick 3 miles yesterday, I tacked on a little more to hit 4.5. Every little bit helps! However, I’d really like to hit 75, so I think that I will be using my stationary bike and logging some bike miles each  night this week, in addition to my usual running. That should get me there lickety split! 75 exercise miles by Christmas, here I come!

What is the oddest distance you’ve ever raced? 4 miles will be a new race distance for me. 5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon – those are my other distances, never a 4 miler!


3 thoughts on “No Winter Races? No way! Sign me up.

  1. Awesome! That sounds like fun… minus the hills. 😉 My oddest distance was an 8k during the Philly Marathon weekend. I’m considering doing the Chili Run which is a 2 mile race in February. Hmmmm.

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