One mission accomplished, other missions aborted

First and foremost, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


I did indeed hit my goal of 75 exercise miles in my Fifty to Christmas challenge.75 miles from Thanksgiving to Christmas (eve, in my case) of running or biking (not counting my normal, everyday steps – conscious exercise only). 99% was running, I only added in some desperation bike miles at the end when I was in danger of not hitting my target.

I am lucky to work at a place where we get off from Christmas through New Year’s as “floating holidays” each year. I had planned to spend each  morning running, as well as taking care of some house, life, and doctor stuff over the break – along with copious amounts of reading.

Unfortunately, real life kicked in, and many of these plans went awry. Brixton had a tough holiday break: she started by not drinking willingly for a few days, then started drinking again, then stopped willingly eating, and developed a jaw tremor. We spent more than one afternoon at the vet’s office, but at this point, there are still no answers. She has some valium to keep her calm, and comfortable, but the problems haven’t entirely subsided, and in all honesty, it is a roller coaster each day. Will she eat today? Will she have a scary, chattery jaw? Will she act mostly normal?

IMG_9295So, this little face and I have been doing as much snuggling as possible. I am glad that I was home all week to be with her most of the time. I feel a little bit helpless, but if nothing else, QT matters.

And, in typical Brixton fashion, when she is not having a hard time, she is acting like her usual, floppy-back-legged but still Herculean self. For example, yesterday, my first day back at work, I came home to this:


She had gotten herself out of bed, dragged herself UNDER her floor pad, knocked over her water bowl, and smooshed the eggs I made her for breakfast (but that she didn’t eat)  into the carpet and her stomach. Still spunky amidst trouble…. just like her momma 😉

We go back to the vet this afternoon to see if there are any other options to try to get her back to being happy/hungry.

In the meantime, I will manage my anxiety the only way I know how: many cups of tea, and logging some miles for quiet/alone time.





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