An Eerily Quiet Home

I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA for so long.

Sadly, my beautiful little old lady dog, Brixton, continued to have medical battles in the last two weeks, and we had to make the final decision to let her go on Tuesday evening.


We did all that we could, but in the end, after many years of steroids for her back/leg problems, complications began to take their toll and her organs could no longer manage.

2015 was a long, medically tough year for Brixton, and I know she is up in doggy heaven running around on all 4 legs, just like she did as a young pup.

Boyfriend, who has been in her life for the last 5 years, was a wonderful dogfather all of those years. He was the only “baby daddy” she ever knew. My parents, who were wonderful, helpful puppy grandparents from the get-go, were there to help us cope to the very end.

We had the help and support of a wonderful vet throughout the entire nearly 10 year journey: Dr. Farragher at EBAH. She knew my furbaby as well as we did, and helped us come to grips with our eventual decision.

And now, we are left with 10 years of wonderful, snuggly, happy memories – but a very, very eerily quiet home. I forgot until that next morning that Brixton had been with me my entire “adult” life. I got her a week before I finished my graduate degree (I went straight from college to grad school). She was with me in every apartment, every home, every step of my adulthood. I’ve never know a house without dog beds littering the floor and a yappy, wiggly, dog behind the door every day when I get home from work.  I wasn’t even sure what time to set my alarm for on Wednesday morning, since it has been years since I’ve only had to get myself ready in the morning – no dog to feed, walk (or bathe and change, like in the last year), and give meds to. Strange, strange, feelings.

While I will pine away at all dogs now, I am certain, I’ve promised myself that I will take some time off – that I will wait to finish my doctorate and have a house with a fenced yard before I bring another dog into my home and life.

In the meantime, things will be quiet.

Boyfriend put together a cute little slideshow of pictures, if you want to see more of this little lady: 

Your regularly scheduled running-related programming will return shortly, promise!



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