Stocked Up!

The great blizzard of 2016 (orrrrrr maybe just a regular ol’ Nor’easter) is coming to Jersey, and I’m ready.

I hit up the most magical food store in all the land earlier in the week, Trader Joe’s, so I am stocked up on cheap wine. Last night, I put the finishing touches on my stockpiling: a beer run! We are super into Sam Adams Cold Snap right now (spring seasonal), and grabbed a favorite porter and stout to round out the group.

I also cooked up a delicious treat: Berry Vanilla Cashew Snack Bars from Sally’s Baking Addiction. 

These taste amazing, and were easy to make. I subbed dried cherries for the cranberries, and Boyf and I have been chomping on these all week since. I have enough on hand to whip up some more, so if I get bored during the snow storm, that might just happen!

I am a little bit sad that I’ve been stuck on the treadmill all week (Brrrr blustery and cold), and will likely miss out on a weekend outdoor run because it is supposed to start snowing tonight through Sunday, however, I am ready to hole up on my couch with Boyf and relax a bit. Now that I’ve started my next class, I have some schoolwork to do as well, and there will be plenty of time for it. We have been slowly watching all of the James Bond movies, from start to finish, so we will probably get a few of those in during the storm, with some popcorn and these yummy beers.  I do like that, for once, it is snowing on a weekend, so there will be no back and forth of “will I get stuck at work, or have a long, dangerous commute home” because of the timing of the snow. Super excited about that part. Hopefully by Sunday it will have stopped actively snowing and I will be able to go get a little Winter Wonderland jog in outside!


My beer/wine stocking reminded me that I went to two more breweries this weekend, and had not given you a recap! One I had already been to a few years ago, but will include anyway.  My cousins were in town, so Boyf and I took them to some of our local breweries.

  1. Beach Haus Brewery

Located along Main Street in Belmar, this unassuming storefront looks like it should be a clothing store. When you walk in the door, it is just a counter and some beer. I was a little bit surprised, no taps, etc. BUT – then they took us around for a quick tour (required before they can pour you a beer or samples) – and upstairs was this huge, beautiful tasting room, complete with floor to ceiling windows and big wooden benches. They had a long list of beers on tap (surprisingly for a new brewery – opened Spring 2015) – and between the three of us drinking, we sampled most of them. Honestly, they were a little bit weaker in flavor than I would have liked, but overall, the atmosphere was surprisingly great and I can only imagine this place is absolutely hopping in the summer. Hopefully over time they grow into some richer flavors.

2. Kane Brewing


I had been to Kane before, a few years back, and have known about their beers for quite a while now. They are on tap at a few local bars by me – their Head High, Overhead, and Single Fin are the most common I see. My cousin Chris was with us, and he is an IPA fan. Boyf and I are not so much – but Kane does IPA’s very well. They had a “Mandarina” IPA on draft, along with many others of course – but that was the biggest hit. It was flavorful without being too bitter (even for an IPA hater like myself). Chris really dug this one. There was even an Apple Brandy beer on tap – which Boyf enjoyed, but was a bit too strong for me. Even if some of the seasonals are not always for me, Kane does flavor well. I would not call a single one of their pours “weak” in flavor. They are robust and nuanced, whether or not they are my “style” or not. Their tasting room is also spacious, which is nice.

We also hit River Horse, which was the favorite all around, but since I reviewed that a few weeks ago, no need to go back to it! Our best take home from there was a limited release beer, their Chocolate Imperial Porter. It was absolutely scrumptious! Coming in at 9% ABV, I was wary – sometimes those high ABV beers taste too boozy for me – but this was soooo drinkable and smooth. I wish we had picked up more than one bottle!



See you on the other side of the snow storm – hopefully my next post will be about how I had a glorious run or two out in the snow!


If you live in a place where you get snow, what is your favorite “snowed in” activity? 


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