What I Ate (during a snow storm) Wednesday

…. and maybe what I drank too 😉

New Jersey was indeed pummeled by snow this weekend. Between Friday and Sunday, we got well over 2 feet of snow in Central Jersey. I’m hoping that maybe this will be our only snow storm of the year, and it will go back to being strangely warm. I’m not sure I’ll get my wish, but I’ll keep hoping. 

Unfortunately, because things were not at all cleared out by Sunday, my running shoes stayed safely (and boringly) on my treadmill. I am clumsy enough without ice! So no fun pictures or stories yet, but I imagine by this weekend it will be safe enough to get out. I’ve got a 4 miler race next weekend, so I hope to get at least a 4-5 mile run in Saturday in order to see where I am, time-wise.

In more exciting news, this coming Saturday is my birthday! I am one of those people who believe they are “never too old” to celebrate, so we are hitting an all-you-can-eat Sushi place on Saturday, and my family is coming up on Sunday. I convinced my mom and niece to come ice skating with me Sunday – I love skating and can never get anyone to join me! I even have a rink literally a block from my house. So that should be awesome. 

Now, onto WIAW!  This week’s WIAW will be about What I Ate …. during the snowstorm! There is just something about being snowed in that makes me want to indulge. As a result of that indulgence, I was a good girl and made sure to get in my 10k steps each day of the storm, even though we were mostly in the house. This led to some ridiculous walking laps around the floors of my house, which is what happens when I’m close-ish to 10k but not far enough to bother with the treadmill – if nothing else, Boyfriend got a kick out of it. 


I had really only prepared for the storm by buying beer and wine (whoops… but not really). That being said, we could live off of the food in our house for probably a few weeks with no problems. 

Breakfast began with Tequila Sunrises and eggy deliciousness.

I am, as you know, a huge fan of throwing everything in my fridge on top of an english muffin and then putting an egg on top. My very own little salad-benedict. This one was a Muffin, guac, pico, arugula, egg and hot sauce. It was glorious! 

Not surprisingly, after starting the afternoon with drinks, we kept snacking. We got through Diamonds Are Forever  in our Bond Marathon, and then started watching Bosch on Amazon Prime, since I have read all of the books. We got sucked in, and I am enjoying the series. However, a few hours later, we had originally planned to do BLT’s, but weren’t really hungry enough. 

Onto dinner!

Our snow day dinner ended up being a Trader Joe’s Arugula/Burrata/Prosciutto Pizza and I threw together some Beer Bread using Cold Snap beer.  Beer bread is one of my favorite, easy things to make. It is just 3 c. self rising flour, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and a 12 oz beer of your choosing (I like citrusy/wheat type beers – then I add orange or lemon zest to punch it up!) – bake at 350 for 50 minutes, and voila! A quick bread. Of course, we also had more drinks. Boyf had himself some fancy whiskey drinks. I stuck to wine and beer after my Tequila Sunrise.

We lazed through the day, and rolled right into Sunday, unsurprisingly. Still snowy, still being indulgent.  BLT time!


The uncured turkey bacon that I picked up at Trader Joe’s last week was completely awesome. It was not thin and hard, it had some tooth to it and was incredibly tasty.

Dinner was a combo effort from Boyfriend and I: he took care of grilling up a london broil, and I roasted up some super simple potatos and brussel sprouts. We each had our choice of cheap wine (LOL), and called it a win:

Overall, our snowed in weekend was a food success. Even if my only running was on the treadmill, Boyfriend and I had a great weekend of fun food, drinks, and relaxation. 

Now, I can’t wait to get my running shoes snowy this weekend as the ice melts and the roads are safe enough to run on 🙂

How do YOU snow day?


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