Birthday Shenanigans

My Birthday Weekend was everything I’d hoped it would be.

Active, active, active!

I kicked off the weekend by doing something I kept saying I would do, now that I have more time to myself before and after work: get back in the pool!

My attempt on Friday morning was nearly foiled by a lifeguard who showed up 40 minutes late (ahh, to be a student again with no cares in the world). Once he arrived, I hopped into the pool for a very quick session: only time to get in 500 meters. However, it was better than nothing, and made me feel good about making a morning swim before work a part of my routine again. Hopefully, next time the lifeguard will be on time at 7AM! Luckily, the pool is on the campus that I work on, so I could rush rush rush and still get to work on time.


Note: apprehensive face

Friday night, boyfriend and I went to our local comedy club to see the winner of last season’s Last Comic Standing, Clayton English. He was really funny! Prior to it, we got Pho! It was chilly out, so a nice hot bowl of soup was a perfect meal.


Saturday was my for-real birthday. My first plan of the day was to get my buns outside and log some outdoor miles for the first time in two weeks.

Most of the roads were at least partly clear, however, actually getting out of my complex was the issue:


Plastic bags to the rescue

I definitely didn’t want to start my run with wet feet, so I covered my shoes in plastic baggies while I high-stepped my way out of the complex. Once I hit the parking lot in the plaza next to me, I was good to go. I covered a beautiful 4.5 miles, though there were some areas where I had to climb some snow mounds!


Luckily, most of these were toward the second half of my run, so I didn’t end up with wet feet the entire time.

Of course, after my run Boyfriend gifted me these awesome Rainbow Shwings, which I promptly added to my shoes. Can’t wait to fly in them 🙂


Saturday evening festivities included all-you-can-eat Sushi with some of my best friends. Sushi Palace is the kind of place that you go to either on an off-hour OR for a birthday, because it is always insanely busy: even if you have a reservation, you are going to wait! But is well worth it!!!! These two plates were just the first – we had more than this. It was absolutely delicious, and I had to be rolled out of there.


After a sushi-coma Saturday night, my ice skating plans for Sunday came true! My mother, niece, and I all went ice skating. I absolutely love skating, but rarely can convince anyone to go with me. I took lessons as an adult in my mid-20’s, and while I can’t do anything fancy, am a confident skater. I was so excited to introduce my niece to the sport!

She was nervous to start, but did awesome! She went from wanting me to basically pull her, to being able to take some steps on her own, or just barely touching my one hand to stay up. A pretty great start!! ::proud Aunt::

All in all, it was a perfect birthday weekend. I have some exciting news for my next post. In the meantime, I have the Pre-Game 4 Miler this coming Sunday, and I am excited to set a new PR since this will be my first official 4 mile race! That is also the “official” start of my training schedule for the New Jersey Half Marathon! Hooray!

Happy running!


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