Spring Half Training Kick-Off!


Aaaaaaand we’re off!

I have officially started training for the NJ Half Marathon , which will be my Spring Half yet again!

It was, unfortunately, bitterly cold last week and this weekend in NJ – so my first 5 miles were stuck on the treadmill.


I look excited… mostly, I was excited it was over… (or just making faces)

They were, of course, slightly boring, but better than the arctic breeze outside. In great news, the weather is supposed to move back up into the 40’s once we get through a little snow/ice today. I have 6 miles on the schedule for this coming weekend, so that would be great news 🙂

In more RACE news, my Spring schedule continues to grow! I got an early sign up for a new race, the River Horse 6k . I am a fan of this brewery, and it looks like it will be a fun time. My BFF is going to sign up and it will be her first race back, post-baby, so that will be great. It fits perfectly into when I will be starting to ease up on NJ Half training, and I am psyched to be trying some new races this year!

I feel like I have to put this in here – Boyfriend made this delicious dinner this week 🙂 It is a rare occurrence that he puts something together from scratch for me, since he works a lot of late nights and we do a lot of ordering in when I don’t cook. It was delicious ziti, and it was wonderful to come home from class at night and have hot dinner waiting for me that I didn’t have to shop for or think about any of the logistics of. It was just… magically… waiting for me. Love it.



Keeping it short and sweet today, so happy Monday, all! May your week be full of fun little surprises, like a dinner you didn’t have to cook yourself 🙂 




6 thoughts on “Spring Half Training Kick-Off!

  1. The weather this week has definitely been awful. I’m glad it’s supposed to be warm next week though for good quality runs. I ran NJ a couple of years ago and it was so windy. They do a great job putting on the race!


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