South Jersey Brewtour

FIRST! A quick NJ Half Marathon training update! 7 slow miles down this weekend for my long run. I’m not feeling “in shape” quite yet, but I’m not sure that is all that different from all of the other years of half’s. I sluggishly hit my 7 miles at a 12:45/mi pace, which doesn’t exactly make me happy, but isn’t too off from my usually slow training pace.


However, given the fact that I spent the entire day prior drinking beer and eating indulgent food, I’m not complaining. Running to maintain for the win!

This was also my second run using my new Camelbak instead of a handheld water bottle. I really am enjoying not having to hold water in my hand, as well as the awesome pockets on the Camelbak. I won’t race in it ever, but it is a nice addition for my long runs at home. I do feel a little bit dopey wearing it because I’m only a half marathoner, but honestly, I really like not holding anything.


That being said, does anyone out there know the proper way to CLEAN the reservoir of a camelbak? Thus far I’ve just been rinsing it and draping it over things. Is there a better way? It is pretty awkward.

In awesome news, I found out this morning that I won an entry into the Newport 10k in Jersey City! I wouldn’t normally head into JC for a race (I’m more of a country/shore girl than a city one!), but I am excited to broaden my horizons to some more races and new adventures. I will surely be recapping the race. It looks like it attracts some real fasties, so it should be fun to see the excitement while I bring up the rear. Thank you so much to A Fast Paced Life for running the contest!


Now, onto our fun weekend beer adventure!

Boyfriend and I took ourselves on a little South Jersey Brew tour on Saturday!  We have been eyeing up Flying Fish Brewery for a while, but knew that it was over an hour away. We finally found time in our schedule to take the trip, and decided to ALSO make it worthwhile by hitting another local brewery along the way.

Flying Fish is one of the more established craft breweries in NJ, so we expected it would be larger than most of the mom-and-pop’s we’ve been visiting lately. We were right! The building is large, and right off a main highway. It was incredibly easy to get to, and we sat right down for a tasting and afterward went off on a tour. The place was busy, even for a “winter” weekend, so I imagine it is hoppin’ in the summer. It was spacious, lots of raised tables to lean on and picnic tables where big groups could enjoy themselves. There were trivia cards on all of the benches, which I loved. If it were not an hour plus away, Boyf & I would surely frequent this brewery!  My favorite beer that we sampled was their Matt the Radar Tech Schwarzbier. A little bit roasty, but still light and flavorful. I had my first Schwarzbier in Germany in 2009, and it was many years before I saw another here in the US. Happy that the craft beer movement has brought this style over here 🙂


The next stop on our tour was Forgotten Boardwalk. It was just a couple of miles from Flying Fish – and as we learned on our Flying Fish tour, it was actually their previous location! They graduated to a bigger location and Forgotten Boardwalk moved in.


The atmosphere at Forgotten Boardwalk is one that I adored. They go for the “Jersey Shore of the Past” motif, with music and art to boot. Even better? A working Skeeball machine!


Though smaller, the atmosphere was fun, lightly busy, and also had board games on the tables. My favorite beers were the What the Butler Saw Wit (light, citrusy, very summery), and the Directory for Gentlemen Chai Saison (a perfect amount of chai spice – like a chai tea, but not as rich and in a light beer). Boyfriend brought home a bottle of their special The Captain’s Quarters – Morro Castle aged on Bourbon Barrels. He loves a high ABV and dark beer, whereas I aim toward the lighter beers and sours.

Both breweries were great successes, and it was time to figure out where to eat before making the trek home. What better place to choose than …. a restaurant/brewery? This one a commercial type joint, with multiple locations throughout PA/DE. Iron Hill Brewery‘s Maple Shade location was only 5 miles away, so we went there.


This is 9/10ths restaurant with good beer, 1/10th “brewery.” It definitely felt like a restaurant more than anything – and looking at how busy it was, that it was I imagine most identify it as. There was a wait for the restaurant portion when we got in, so we sat in the bar area. It was only around 5 when we arrived, and by the time we left even the bar area had a wait. The food was quite good, though pricey. However, the pulled pork fries were worth every single calorie. I got the salmon bahn mi burger, and it was good but not “out of this world” good. It was nice that it was something different.


We did a sample, as to be expected, and we both liked the beer called “Midnight Luau” – a porter aged on Coconut shavings! Yum! We brought that home in a growler for good measure.

Not surprisingly, Boyfriend passed out on the ride home from spending the day drinking, and eating a big old steak at dinner. Full and happy, right? It was a great little beer tour in South Jersey, and I’m glad we took the trip!




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