NJ Half Update, and PUPPY CAM!

Whew. What a busy week. We are installing a new electronic records system at work, and it is my job to manage its install and then maintain it – so things have been nuts over here. I’ve been coming home from work, running or studying and then crashing, so the blog hasn’t been updated all week. Sorry about that.


Updates: NJ HALF MARATHON Training!

Last weekend’s long run agenda was another 7 miler.


Just me.. and the trail.. for 1.5 hours alone.

I am sad to report that I was feeling pretty wimpy on Sunday. I changed my usual route to the tow path instead, thinking it would be a scenic change, and not as hilly as my usual road route. I’d make great time, and crush my averaging of 12:45’s during long runs! Well, I was quite mistaken.  It was quite chilly out (hopefully my last cold weather long run!), and the tow path was long, quiet, and lonely. It was actually a little bit creepy, with water on both sides of me and no one around within earshot. Toward the last two miles, I passed a few people, but otherwise, nothing. It seemed to take forever, and my pace was awful for me – over 13 min/mi. I was very disappointed, and am looking forward to hopefully doing long runs with my mom starting this weekend. We have 8 miles on the schedule for Sunday, however, she is overcoming a stomach bug and may not be up to it. My BFF and I are scheduled to do a shorter run together Saturday, though, so doubling it up with company is where it is at, especially after such a craptastic lonely long run last weekend.

In awesome news, weather in NJ is looking UP! As in tank top, shoulders out running! No complaints here. Got my first Rita’s Ice of the year, too!


Boyfriend and I got a groupon for HelloFresh and are trying it out this week. We are one meal in, and I already have some opinions (good food, but I’m a better cook than I give myself credit for on my own) – but I will do a full review after the week is up – likely my next post.


If you need a pick me up, try out this PUPPY CAM!  


It live streams a set of puppies who were just born two days ago.  This momma dog and puppies are with Roger’s Rescues, a group that a friend works with. If you need a mental boost, just hit the PUPPY CAM, and there you have it. Best webcam ever. You’re welcome!


2 thoughts on “NJ Half Update, and PUPPY CAM!

  1. I’m so glad the weather is finally looking up for us. I am tired of the unusual weather and how much it has changed as well. I do think that is part of the problem. It sounds like training for NJ is going well…if that wasn’t the same weekend as Broad Street I would do it….I have so many friends going up.

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