I wanna be sedated… and then run 8 miles (newsflash… bad idea)

I should probably not have run my long run when I did this weekend. The options were: run on Saturday, the day after a colonoscopy (being sedated and dehydrated, with a slightly off stomach the rest of Friday… #IBDproblems) OR run in what might have been snow, and colder weather, on Sunday.


How I spent my Thursday PM/Fri AM

Obviously, the smart person (LOL) in me chose Saturday.  In good news, I was smart enough to find company for what would be my misery: I ran with my mom on her route. Thankfully.

The whole 8 miles, I was huffing and puffing. In the first mile, mom turned to me and said, “You’re breathing really hard.” I am certain I grumped something back at her. I’m so nice.

By mile 4, I was falling behind her. Luckily, I know the course, since we ran together training for her 10-miler in the Fall. However, that training season had been much kinder to me: I was never struggling to keep pace that year. This spring has been an entirely different story, unfortunately.  For the last half of our miles, I was in her rear view, as she plugged along, run/walking her way along, as I kept my slow jog just to keep up, never stopping to walk (because I REALLY would have fallen behind!). I didn’t slow to a point that I couldn’t see her – I was probably a short block back most of the time. But it was frustrating. I FINALLY caught up with her as she was tiring, at the very end – 7.5 miles. We jogged the last painful half mile back to her house together.


Rainbow swag.. did not make me run any faster this week.

Our final pace was around 12:30/mile. And every step of it hurt for me today – BUT if I had been running alone, there is no way I would have run that pace. I would have easily run somewhere in the mid 13’s. Truth be told, my fastest long run this training cycle has been around 12:45, even when I was feeling normal. But on Saturday, those 12:30’s HURT. My lungs burned, my legs felt heavy, I felt… tired… the whole time.


I have been feeling pretty out of shape this whole training season so far – my lungs have been very “panty” the whole time, and I feel like I have no stamina, but usually, my legs are good to go. Not this time. I suppose I should say, LESSON LEARNED more than anything. I should’ve been smart and sucked it up for a chilly willy run on Sunday, but I AM glad I ran with my mom. Hopefully next week, it will feel easier as we conquer 9 miles together, and I start to get smarter about my day-prior fuel/hydration (and surely no more procedures right now!!).  I am going to try to work on my lung capacity when I do my pool workout each week, as well, so hopefully that will help make things feel a bit easier. My training seasons feel so up and down: one where everything feels pretty easy (last fall) to one where everything feels hard (now! The fall prior to last!) – I just never know! None the less, I am keeping at it, trying to keep motivated.

In happy, fun news from the weekend, I got anointed godmother to my newest niece, Autumn, and also won my BFF’s easter egg contest this year with my glitter rainbow awesome egg! BOOM!


9 miles on the menu for this coming weekend – until then, hopefully some beautiful OUTDOOR running weather for my short runs prior! Hooray for NJ’s last sputter of winter hopefully over!

How do you stay motivated when you’re having a rough time with your training? What are your best positive mantras to keep you going mentally?


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