The Best Kind of Peer Pressure

…The pressure to spend my summer racing.


#RaceEverything , right?!?! Apparently that will be my theme this year. A friend posted on social media about her planned races this summer, and I had to add a few with her too, of course! The last few summers I have been slacking a little bit on my race schedule, with a few runner-friends pregnant and not much motivation otherwise on my own. Maybe one a month in the summer months, but that’s about it. This race schedule puts me back in a place I haven’t seen since maybe… 2012: RACES GALORE!  And so, here we have it!


My Official Summer 2016 Race Calendar now looks like this:
4/16 River Horse 6k
5/1 New Jersey Marathon (Half)
5/14 Newport 10k (won this entry! Thanks A Fast Paced Life!)
5/28 The Spring Lake Five Mile Run
6/5 Stomp The Monster 5k
6/12 Skirt Sports Virtual 5k
7/4 Milltown 5k
7/16 Jersey Shore Undy Run
7/24 East Brunswick VFW 5k


Top two things that this schedule makes me think:

  1. I can’t wait for June and no races longer than 5k distance!
  2. I’m going to need some new cute Skirts to rock, obviously! Can’t have a bunch of boring repeat race pics. Helllooo reason to buy the Vixen skirt I’ve been eyeing up over at Skirt Sports 😉


I’m hoping that this “view of the future” is what gets me out of my current running funk. I’m logging the miles, but not feeling great about them. I’m hoping my 9 tomorrow goes well first, but I even had a rough bout with a mere 3 miles of intervals yesterday, so we shall see.

Either way, I have some great races lined up this summer to look forward to, and 6 of the 9 races have friends joining me for them, so great company to go with them.  I am most excited about two of the new races in my schedule, the River Horse 6k (a completely new race) and the Jersey Shore Undy Run. I can’t wait to get myself a beer after River Horse with my BFF, and to wear Undies outside of my shorts at the Undy run! That one supports the Colon Cancer Alliance, a charity that I am happy to support. One of my softball teammates has been actively battling colon cancer for 6 years, and any amount I can put toward this cause is money well-spent, in my opinion. I am ready for some AWESOMENESS this summer!


Happy Friday, everyone. Go spread some glitter unicorns 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Best Kind of Peer Pressure

  1. Yesssss – I hear you on wanting to add more to the race calendar! If only running all the races didn’t mean emptying all the wallet. 😉

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