9 down, onto Double Digits

I am happy to report (a little late) that mom and I conquered 9 miles last weekend, and tomorrow we have DOUBLE DIGITS on the menu! 10! A freakin’ ten!


(Anyone else out there remember the ridiculous/awesomeness that was Varsity Blues?)

Unlike last week, I actually felt alright. I didn’t, by any means, feel like as a feather or fast or anything like that, but I didn’t feel like I was dying or start flop sweating. So that is a bonus. And I kept up with mom, not eons behind her this time. We finished averaging around 12:30’s, which is a-okay with me!


Making goofy faces instead of running.


Mom made fun of me for making her take a victory photo. NO SHAME!

I’m personally not having the best training season, and I think I’m coming to grips with that. This will just be one of my “down” seasons. In more important news, this isn’t about me anyway. This is about my mom finishing a half marathon! Regardless of how “well” I could have been training if I was feeling better, my goal is to stay with mom and make sure that she hydrates, fuels, and finishes. So no matter what, my current goal is to make sure I can do that – and don’t have to tell her to go ahead without me! This run made me feel better about that.

For tomorrow’s 10, the weather’s looking iffy (possible rain but decent temps), but I’d still rather run in rain and 50 than super windy and 30, which is what Sunday morning is looking like. I’m just hoping to feel strong, and though not fast, like I can keep on truckin’. Fingers crossed!

In other, super important news, I’ve spent the last couple of days obsessing about where exactly I’ll be positioning my next tattoo. I know, earth shattering. But, it brings you some hilariousness like me drawing stick figures on myself in my favorite running shorts. I want to make my positioning decision based on how it will look in my running clothes, so obviously, this matters!!


Yup. Best artist ever.

My appointment is next Thursday, so you will most certainly get a pic of the outcome. I also can’t wait for baseball season to fire up. It is the only sports season that I follow religiously, and I look forward to all 162, win lose or draw. As a Mets fan, more of often than not that’s been in the “lose” category, so I’m cautiously hopeful that we’ll have another great season like last. Let’s Go Mets!


Happy Friday, everyone!


7 thoughts on “9 down, onto Double Digits

    • Thank you, I do! My grandmother passed when my mom was the age I am now, early 30s, so it puts it into perspective for me.i am really enjoying all of the things we are lucky to be able to do with one another.


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