2 hours in the rain

I knew Saturday’s weather was not going to be ideal. However, 50ish and rainy sounded better to me than 30ish and 40mph winds (Sunday’s predicted weather), so Saturday it was. Turns out we were quite right – Sunday was downright COLD and the windiest I’ve seen in a while. Props to all of you who raced your buns off in it down in AC and otherwise – you are badass!


When mom and I set out around 9AM, it was drizzly. We had our rain coats on, and were a little bit toasty underneath them, even in just tank tops. By mile 3, we were thinking we might actually get to take off the raincoats around the half way point, because the rain was coming and going…


But that was a lie. Just after we had that discussion, the rain became a steady light rain. It wasn’t pouring at any point, thankfully, but it was steady enough to be annoying. I’ve mentioned before that my mom’s running style is walk/run (whereas my own, when I am alone, is a constant slow slog, but no walking) – and every time we stopped to walk we could feel how utterly soaked we were, and started to get a little chilly from it.

Our route passes by my parents’ house at 7.4 miles – at which point I asked my mom if she wanted to stop, since the conditions weren’t great. She is very worried about sticking to the plan, but I did try to remind her that sometimes bailing on a run is better than sticking it out and getting injured from pushing too hard or cold, sad, unhappy muscles. BUT – she said no way!

We finished 10 miles! A little slower than we would have liked, at about 12:45/mi pace, but overall, given our soaking wet attire and chilly wet muscles, this was great. We finished, and both felt okay at the end. I think she was feeling like another 3 will be possible, which is definitely a goal of mine – to make her confident in her ability!


As soon as this picture was taken, we realized how freaking cold we actually were.

One of the items that I am trying to help with is fueling while running. I mentioned the last time I trained with mom that she has a lot of fear – fear of fueling wrong is one of them. I’ve been encouraging her to use our training runs to try out different options, but she is going minimalist instead of trying, for fear of getting it wrong. This worries me, because she sometimes struggles with crashing about an hour or two after we’ve finished running, and I am trying to help her figure out the whole nutrition game slowly but surely. She is definitely cautious, maybe overly so at times. This week, she did have some oatmeal before we ran, which is an improvement from her refusing to eat anything but half a banana.

I’ve also been trying hard to keep encouraging her to fuel mid-run as well. I feel like such a nag, giving her a little ribbing for eating only two tiny chews or jelly beans at a clip. “Mom! That is like ten calories only! That is not enough to keep you going!” ….Or “At mile 6 let’s stop and eat more!” Keep in mind, we run slowly – so we’re hitting an hour of running around mile 5-6, and another hour around mile 9-10. She did start to tire at mile 9, but understandably with the conditions, I didn’t get on her too much there. In good news, the oatmeal sat well with stomach overall, and there was no crash after the run this week, so hopefully she will continue with that. I’m hoping the more she tries, the less fearful she will be.

Next week, we have another 10 miler OR maybe 12 miles on the menu – I gave mom the choice, so we will see how bold she is feeling. This is our last really long run of training, then it is time for the beloved taper! 

Other exciting events of last weekend? Lots of paper writing, baseball opening day  with yummy beer, and finally finished up my wine cork tray. Exciting, I know 😉

Oh, and I’ve got a new tattoo a mere two days away! WAHOO!!


What is your tried and true fueling regimen? What is your preferred in-race fuel? 

I used to like Gu Chomps during races, but am into Jelly Belly Sport Beans lately, and love a PBJ Uncrustable as breakfast prior. 

6 thoughts on “2 hours in the rain

  1. Oooooh, I love your cork tray! What is on that one? I have a bazillion corks so I’m trying to find some craft uses for them.

    As for fuel, I’ve been into the Salted Caramel Gu lately and I’ve found that if I take one earlier in the run and then another later on (if it’s longer than 10 miles) that it’s been working pretty well for me. Although nothing was helping on Sunday. 😉

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    • Thank you! I’m actually not sure what kind it is – it has taken be 2.5 years to drink all the wine for the corks, so I threw out the box long ago (made it my personal mission that every cork i used would be one I had drank…LOL). it was just a simple plain empty tray to begin, nothing fancy. That flavor of Gu sounds delicious – I need to try Gu again. I tried it a couple of years ago and couldn’t take the texture of it, but I think I may be more open to new things now than I was then 🙂


  2. Wow, kudos to you on getting that run done! When I see rain, I don’t go out in it!! I’m a wimp like that 🙂 I really need to be mindful of my fueling on long runs. I need to make sure I take the fuel regularly, before I get hungry, because I’ve crashed enough times by not taking fuel to know better! I prefer GU. I used to take forever to “eat” it on my run, but now I just swallow it down in 2 or 3 gulps because I know it needs to be done. The faster the better! I do enjoy the taste, but still, it’s better to just suck it down fast and move on!

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    • I definitely need to get on the Gu train, and at least try it again. Maybe it is about practice for me, and just getting over my textural issues. It does take a while to chew on the chews or beans, so the Gu would have its advantage there if i can get over the texture!

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