GPS Watches: Tell me your thoughts!

I have been eyeing up replacing (and upgrading) my little old Timex Marathon GPS watch. I got it used from a friend, and hadn’t even really considered having a GPS watch until I got this one two years ago. Prior, I would just know what time I started to run, what time I finished, and use the internet to figure out my pace. Then, I got the watch, and on long runs especially, I’ve come to enjoy knowing my pace.

However, I think the time has come to get with modern (runner) times…. And get myself a more capable GPS watch.

After googling around and reading tons of reviews, I’ve become mesmerized by the fun idea of knowing my heart rate from a wrist-based HRM (even if it’s not as perfect as a chest strap one,  I’d never wear a strap), and the thought of actually being able to sync to an app to see stats, as well. This would probably encourage me to actually wear the watch every time I run, too. I’m not a huge data head, but I do like the idea of knowing. So those are the drivers to the choices I’m considering.

Currently, I’m hung up on two different watches. I want to stay in the neighborhood of $250ish or less, and these two stick out to me as having a decent amount of features, and value for the price:

TomTom Spark Cardio+Music


  • Music without another device!!! Supposedly this holds 500 songs and syncs to wireless headphones. Major fun factor, at the same price as the Garmin option with no music.
  • Seem to get a decent amount of features for the price
  • I like the style better, and the colorful band


  • Reviews say the app is less extensive (but do I care?)
  • I don’t see this out there much in the running blogs/instas that I follow– why? Are people using it?
  • Are TomToms as reliable as Garmins?


Garmin Forerunner 225


  • Tried and true Garmin GPS! Everyone loves Garmin (or so it seems)
  • Decent amount of function for price
  • Garmin App has good reviews (But will i use all that data anyway?)


  • already replaced by the cuter, but much more expensive 235 model.


I know that I don’t need a smartwatch, so the more expensive “do everything ever” watches don’t necessarily appeal to me as much. It is unlikely that I’ll wear a sport watch every day outside of running, and I don’t particularly want to get a text on my watch while I’m running, so that is a-ok with me.  For me, that would be money poorly spent.


This is where you come in. HELP!

Do you use either of these watches? TELL ME WHAT YOU LOVE/HATE about them!

If not, what GPS watch do you use? Tell me what you use and why you like it!!


12 thoughts on “GPS Watches: Tell me your thoughts!

  1. I have a Garmin Forerunner 220 and I love it. It works great and gives me all the data I need (I dont care about HR at this point). Since that model is a few years old, I am sure you could get one for under $250! Maybe even under $200 if you got used/refurbished.

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    • I agree! And i’m curious, too, because my default is to think GARMIN GARMIN GARMIN, but it does seem like there are more options out there…. but if no one’s really using them, then why, you know?


  2. I have the 225 and don’t understand why they faded it out so quickly – it was new this time last year! The only thing I don’t like about it is the style, but since I wear it for running (not all day) that doesn’t matter much. All the technology is good – it finds the satellite quickly, synchs quickly and uploads data to the app via bluetooth, measure heart rate through the wrist sensors.

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    • I agree, the style is a little bit sad. the 235 is so much prettier, but is definitely more than i want to spend – and I feel the same way, that I wouldn’t really wear the 225 for more than running, style-wise.


  3. I have a Garmin Vivoactive and my husband just got the 235. He loves it. So far he thinks it’s their best design yet and the HRM works well. As for the data on Garmin Connect… yeah, you’ll love having all the stats. 😀


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