Back at it!

I’mmmm baaaaaack!


After a week of stay-cationing, I’m back to the blog.

The stay-cation was lovely, but it had to end, and it ended with walking into a TON of emails and paperwork at the office on Monday, so there’s that. However, while it lasted it was pretty great. I spent a lot of it outdoors, between running, biking, and driving with the top down everywhere. The weather was also pretty darn good! I also took care of all those silly “adult” things that are a pain in the butt to schedule during work weeks: eye exams, dentists, doctors, oil changes. You know, the fun stuff. I also added some apartment hunting in there, but that part wasn’t successful…. Yet. I’ve still got time (my lease is up at the end of August – but hey, that subject’s a post for another day).

My running over the week was pretty much at my favorite time of day: after an easy wake up, but still early – so I usually got going between 8-9am. I will say, though, that my legs have been feeling kinda heavy, though they really shouldn’t be tired out.

However, this Monday, I decided to take my usually-on-the-treadmill intervals out on the streets (for added pain LOL).

And I was so pleased with my results!


As you can see, my usual intervals are 0.25/0.75/0.50/0.25/0.25 with walking breaks of 0.25 mi in between each, to equal 3.25 mi total. That is my normal – and the goal is always to just run harder than I do when I take a normal jog. On the treadmill I have specific settings I like to use, outdoors, I just run harder than I otherwise would. For the first two intervals, I was breathing hard but not panting. By the last three, I was hands-in-the-air panting after the interval. However, I am SUPER EXCITED that my efforts were rewarded with good times. I should say that my last interval (the 8:06) was downhill, so that is not an accurate measure. The effort was more like the 9 min mile prior.

This made me think that I really need to keep this up – and maybe start stretching my intervals out to, say, 5 miles of intervals instead of 3. I’m feeling an unusual need to make a change right now: my body isn’t super happy with me and is sticking with an extra 10lbs that I usually lose around half marathon time, and I feel heavy and fluffy. Maybe this feeling like I need to try to be faster is going to help – the motivation certainly can’t hurt. I have three more 5k’s on the horizon this summer (all three in July!), so I’m hoping that I can keep pushing the pace just a smidge each time. The next one scheduled is a toughy with hills (Milltown Firecracker 5k), so we shall see how that goes.


Oh, and during vacation week I ALSO completed my first virtual 5k, to support my Skirt Sisters running out in Colorado. Super fun!

I also got some GREAT Skirt mail! This Cascade Skirt is the bomb diggity!

It is lightweight, flirty and fun, AND the shorties underneath are the absolute perfect length for me – 5.5”. They stay put and have great pockets. I loved the Gym Girl Ultra before, but the Cascade is my new favorite. Right now, the waist and leg length just work a little better for my extra fluff. New fave for sure.

Also got my Skirt Sports Ambassador top so I can finally represent!

If you’re interested in some gear, use coupon code 20NET20 to get 20% off!


Next up: Since I’ve got the motivation and am apparently in the mood for a challenge, time to try out some new fun things while training. What is your favorite speed workout? Tell me your secrets!

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8 Responses to Back at it!

  1. Wendy Joyce says:

    There’s nothing better than a staycation! I have a few coming up. I’m planning on doing some kayaking with my friends.

    For speedwork, my coach has me do 1 mile, 2 mile, and/or 3 mile repeats! It’s hard to hold a fast pace for that long and it has been a great way to train for a race.

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  2. Honestly, speed work is not my favorite. But a little while back I did a treadmill Vo2 Max test and felt the need to train for it a bit, because #competitive. But it helped me enjoy speed work, which for me is generally done on the treadmill. I like to alternate between increasing the incline and increasing my pace for a given distance or time, then a sprint at reduced incline, then cool down. Good luck with your 3 upcoming 5ks!

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  3. Glad you’re back! Nice work on the virtual 5K even during your staycation! Looks like you’re excited to be back! Good luck on your 5K’s!

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  4. Awesome!! Great interval work!!

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